Poster campaign: ‘BIGOTS & SMALL MINDED Groups of FEEBLE gay bashers’ not welcome on Capitol Hill

(Image: Cry Baby Studios)

(Image: Cry Baby Studios via Facebook)

Groups of FEEBLE gay bashers

A guerrilla wheat-paste poster effort is taking a public education effort about tolerance and kindness to the streets of Capitol Hill. The large poster shared in a photo posted by Cry Baby Studios went up on the currently shuttered Comet Tavern on E Pike last week.

The postering effort comes amid recent concern that the neighborhood’s increasingly busy nightlife economy is drawing many to the neighborhood unfamiliar with its open-minded culture and place in LGBTQ history. A series of incidents this sumer has helped push the issue of tolerance into the mainstream with the Capitol Hill-headquartered Ed Murray for Mayor campaign continuing to raise his concerns and promises of action at forums and debates.

In spring, one of the more disturbing alleged hate crimes took place just paces from where the poster above hangs at 10th and Pike.

Five men in their early 20s were eventually charged in the May beating of a black male in the street during a melee witnesses said was fueled by hateful language and harassment.

Earlier this month, Trey Amberson pleaded guilty in an Alford plea and was sentenced to 6 months in jail and $600 restitution. Justin Echols has also pleaded guilty according to court records but has not been sentenced and is currently wanted on a warrant. Aaron Nelson pleaded guilty and was sentenced to six months in jail. The two other men were ordered to attend classes.

The poster campaign joins the recent — and city-backed — “Gun Free Zone” sticker campaign at Capitol Hill merchants and echoes with the classic “gay bar” reminder sign outside R Place.

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10 thoughts on “Poster campaign: ‘BIGOTS & SMALL MINDED Groups of FEEBLE gay bashers’ not welcome on Capitol Hill

  1. I’ve removed a comment thread from this post because of a users’s purposefully argumentative comments. It’s possible we’ve misunderstood their effort to criticize gender language used in the posters. We welcome friendlier, more useful approaches to making the point.

  2. I agree with what the poster says, but I do not agree with what appears to be illegal postering. Unless the businesses where they appear have sanctioned them, but somehow I doubt they have.