80+ places in Seattle where ‘potrepreneurs’ have applied to produce, process or sell retail marijuana

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The Liquor Control Board has released a roster of the first wave of applicants in a 30-day window for entrepreneurs to sign up for the privilege of producing, processing or retailing legal marijuana in the liberty-blessed State of Washington.

In all, CHS counts 88 line items in the database for applicants within Seattle’s city limits — though there are a few players dealing in with multiple hands. A map of the initial Seattle applicants is below. CHS reported previously that rules would eliminate a retail opportunity on Capitol Hill — the city’s densest, dankest, likely most appreciative of I-502 neighborhood. Meanwhile, we predicted a possible “Little Amsterdam” to emerge at 23rd and Union. The first applicants fulfilled the prediction with two entities filling the area with a handful of applications for the area. One of those entities — Uncle Ike’s — is backed by 23rd/Union landowner and business owner Ian Eisenberg. How the board’s lottery for areas with multiple applicants will work isn’t entirely clear nor is how the board will vet the applications for elements like leases and rental agreements. A “letter of intent” requirement was relaxed during the process, one applicant told CHS.

Applications will be accepted through mid-December with the first licenses scheduled to be issued in February. The first stores are expected to be open by the start of summer.

The full map of the initial Seattle applicants is below.

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12 thoughts on “80+ places in Seattle where ‘potrepreneurs’ have applied to produce, process or sell retail marijuana

  1. The Rainier Valley has more that is on that map. I don’t believe it. Just across from Safeway (on Andover) they have 4 retailers. I wonder why those aren’t on this map?

  2. The decision to publish the addresses of I-502 growers will go down as one of the worst decisions in the history of business. Everyone who has grown cannabis knows that the first rule of growing cannabis is to not tell people your growing cannabis. The reason is cannabis trades on the open market the same as cash. I would bet that 90 percent of all growers have been robbed by thieves, the police or employees if they have been growing for 10 years or more. Recently the Federal Government has been making it quite clear that if you have firearms on any property that has cannabis that not only will they put you in prison but they will take all your property at the same time. Thieves read the newspapers also. It won’t take them long to put 2 and 2 together. This rule shamelessly puts at risk the lives of your own fellow citizens that you swore to protect. Being a logical person you have to assume that with billions of dollars at stake that the liquor control board would have hired intelligent people to make the rules of this new industry semi workable. So when rules like this come out a logical person would have to assume that the WSLCB is trying to sabotage this new industry before it starts. Remember Cannabis competes with the alcohol, big pharma, police/prison industry. More than likely they would have used their money to buy influence in our government. Cannabis is a threat to the control they have so they will try to destroy it out of the gate. Watching I-502 is like watching a train wreck in slow motion.

    • Hey! Were supposed to be super transparent!! Everything is open…emails, licenses, salary, home value, internal personnel records………weed is no different (although I agree with you, just trying to make a point).

    • This is wildly overdramatic, and I couldn’t disagree with you more. There are plenty of places where valuable things are kept that are safely protected. An Apple store probably contains more valuable product than a marijuana processor.

      “Big pharma” doesn’t care, nor does the alcohol industry, which will probably wind up involved in the business once it gets established. I don’t know why you think marijuana has some incredible power – it’s just another mind-altering chemical for people to make money off of, like alcohol or tobacco. If you think it’s some threat to the “system”, I think you’re going to be wildly disappointed.

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