Car vs. pedestrian incident that reportedly began across I-5 ends on Capitol Hill — UPDATE

Via @beacomedian: "3 ambulances, 3 fire engines, 3 squad cars, 1 person on the ground"

Via @beacomedian: “3 ambulances, 3 fire engines, 3 squad cars, 1 person on the ground”

The Seattle Police Department has released the preliminary report on Thursday night’s hit and run incident. The report confirms the driver’s assertions that he was being robbed and was driving to get away from a hold-up. But it also clarifies the sequence of events that police believe transpired. While a male was apparently carried up the Hill on the hood of the vehicle, that person fled the scene as another pedestrian was struck as he crossed at Bellevue and Denny. That man, the 53-year-old described below, suffered serious injuries. Police have not found the man who is believed to have been carried on the hood of the vehicle. According to the report, the car’s driver was placed under arrest. Police say the man was arrested but not booked into jail as the investigation continues. The full SPD narrative report and our original report on the incident are below.

{On 11-14-13 at 1951 hours I was dispatched to Bellevue Ave E and E Denny Wy to investigate a collision involving a vehicle and two pedestrians. The vehicle left EB on E Denny Wy. The vehicle was described as a black Cadillac,.

A male was reportedly riding on top of the vehicle, then fell off. He was now unconscious in front of 420 E Denny Wy. Upon my arrival, I observed —on the north side of the roadway in front of 420 E Denny Wy. Citizens were with him covering him up. SFD arrived right after I did and transported him to HMC for treatment. I was unable to speak with him at the scene.

Witnesses I spoke to at the scene did not see the collision. A citizen handed me the suspect vehicle’s license plate. Witness stated she observed someone on the hood of the suspect vehicle at Bellevue Ave E and E Denny Wy. She saw a person running away SB on Bellevue Ave, possibly the person who was on the hood. Suspect drove his vehicle, a green Cadillac lic to the East Precinct at 1519 12 Ave and stopped.

—flagged down Ofc Bourdon. He told Ofc Bourdon that he was sitting in his parked vehicle near the sobering center at 1930 Boren Ave. Two unknown white males walked towards his vehicle staring at him—- stated they looked homeless. Suspect #1 tried opening — driver’s door but it was locked. He then walked around the front of the vehicle— observed that Suspect #1 was holding a large butcher knife in his hand. Suspect #2 then jumped on the hood —-vehicle and yelled something to the effect of, “You’re not getting away with this!” In fear for his safety, —drove off with Suspect #2 on the hood. When asked if he knew he hit anything with his vehicle, he said he might have .

He said he couldn’t see because of the person on his hood. He said he didn’t stop because he was afraid the person on his hood would get it his vehicle through the passenger door which didn’t lock. He stated he did not know these two suspects. Computer check showed —was DWLS 3.
I transported Witnesses to the EPCT for a showup. They positively identified the Cadillac as the vehicle they saw driving away from Denny Wy and Stewart St with something on its hood. Ofc Pendt transported Witness — to the East Precinct. He identified the suspect vehicle as the vehicle that had a person on its hood when it struck a pedestrian at E Denny Wy and Bellevue Ave E. —was placed under arrest.

Ofc Lovanhill photographed the vehicle. His vehicle was towed to the Lincoln Tow lot. It had scratches down the driver’s side, it’s drivers side mirror was broken, the driver’s side window was shattered, the windshield in front of the driver side was shattered and there was a dent in the hood on the driver’s side. Ofc Bourdon Mirandized —and obtained a recorded statement from him. I responded to HMC to speak with —. He was was getting x-rayed so I was unable to speak with him for awhile.

At that point I did not know if he was a pedestrian struck by — or if he was one of the suspects riding on the hood of the vehicle up from Stewart St. The decision was made to release — pending further investigation. When — was finished getting x-rayed I spoke to him. He told me he was walking NB across E Denny Wy at Bellevue Ave when he was struck by a vehicle. He sustained a contusion and abrasion to his forehead and a broken lower left leg. Ofc Medlock provided me with witness info including Witnesses —–who observed a male riding on the hood of the suspect vehicle and then fall off. This male told them they should call 911. He then limped away SB on Bellevue Ave. He was not located. Ofc Medlock took the suspect license plate to the Lincoln Tow lot and left it with the vehicle.

Original Report: Seattle Police are investigating a peculiar car vs. pedestrian incident that reportedly involved a person ending up on the hood of a vehicle and being carried up Capitol Hill where he was tossed to the pavement near E Olive Way and Denny.

Details at this point are still being collected by investigators at the scene of the incident that went down around 7:50 Thursday night. CHS has no information about the male victim or victim’s condition at this time. UPDATE 9:03 PM: Seattle Fire reports its medics transported a 53-year-old male with multiple fractures and in serious but stable condition to Harborview.

The car and its driver reportedly left the scene and police are following up on witness information. One description of the suspect car is of a light colored, large American sedan like an Oldsmobile Cutlass. Police have found a possible suspect vehicle nearby parked on 12th Ave. UPDATE 8:40 PM: Police contacted a man believed to have been the driver in the incident after he drove to the East Precinct. According to police radio dispatches, the man told police he was the victim of a robbery attempt and was trying to flee in his vehicle. UPDATE Friday, November 15th, 9:50 AM: Still no confirmation from SPD on details but we’ve learned that there was a report of a robbery dispatch in West Precinct’s David 2 sector at 9th and Stewart following Thursday’s incident.

A witness said a person was seen on the hood of a vehicle being carried up Denny Way from near the Orion Center across I-5 before the person ended up on the ground at E Olive Way and Denny. UPDATE  Friday, November 15th, 10:54 AM: Police now believe the original man on the hood fled the scene as a 53-year-old man crossing Denny at Bellevue was struck by the speeding vehicle.

Seattle Fire responded to the scene with multiple units. Another witness reported via Twitter that the person on the hood may have walked up from Bellevue Ave after falling from the car. That witness and others say there was a second pedestrian involved in the incident who was also struck by the vehicle.

UPDATE Friday, November 22, 10:51 AM:  It appears the incident will pass without any criminal charges despite a 53-year-old man ending up in the hospital with serious injuries and an alleged robbery attempt. Police tell us the driver in the incident was “interviewed and released” and police were apparently unable to track down the alleged robber who witnesses said ended up riding the car’s hood up Denny Way before the vehicle slammed into the 53-year-old pedestrian.

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24 thoughts on “Car vs. pedestrian incident that reportedly began across I-5 ends on Capitol Hill — UPDATE

  1. The car was going about 50 mph up the hill when he switches into the oncoming traffic lanes so he can run some red lights. I hope the guy he hit is ok.

      • I hope when a car hits you that you will think it’s such a big yuk and a half. Seriously, do you even think before you comment? Either than or you just don’t give a chit about anyone else other than yourself.

  2. Details of the incident are needed before anyone can state an opinion here. If the driver was indeed the victim of an attempted robbery, and was attempting to escape, then that casts his actions in a different light.

    • “Details of the incident are needed before anyone can state an opinion here” says the person stating an opinion here.

      Well…robbery or not [scoff] you’ll never read about me driving recklessly at high speed with a person on my hood.

      • Ya know what, Calhoun? You’re right and I’m wrong. I hate admitting something like that…ha ha ha…but you’re right, and until there’s more information there are any number of possible scenario’s.

      • you might think you know now, sitting comfortably behind a computer screen, what you’d do in a given situation. but until it actually happens you don’t know for sure. panic, anger, fear, all of those things can make a person do something they thought they’d never do.

  3. My husband and I were driving west on Denny Way at about 7:45PM and saw the car, with the man on the hood, swing out fast from Terry Ave, almost taking out two cars on Denny, and proceeding up Denny toward Capitol Hill. It was kind of insane to see; the man on the hood was holding on very intensely and appeared to us to be trying to get at the person driving.

    • I was waiting for the 8 on denny and bellevue and saw the guy get hit and right before it looked like some guy was on top of the hood willingly. He slid off the back as the pedestrian got hit and the Cadillac just kept going. The guy that slid off the back got asked by someone in a nearby car if he was okay. After saying “that driver is crazy, I almost got hit myself” he ran away in the opposite direction.

      • Any witnesses should probably contact Seattle PD, if they haven’t yet already. Looks like it might be a confusing case to sort out, so they could probably use any extra testimonies.

  4. So driving a car with a person on the hood, hanging on for dear life is considered “peculiar”? “Horrific” or “terrifying”, maybe. But “peculiar”?? Yeesh

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