Election 2013 | You have until 5:30 PM to get to the Broadway post office

IMG_2987Tuesday’s deadline to have your ballot postmarked and picked up at the Broadway United State Post Office is 5:30 PM. You’ll need your own stamp. Get on it. The candidates and their campaigns got an early start on things with sign waving and last-minute media appeals Tuesday. CHS stopped by the Denny I-5 overpass to find Ed Murray supporters — including Murray’s Michael Shiosaki — waving to drivers and passersby on the campaign’s home turf. Meanwhile, there’s been a pole flyering effort on the Hill in support of Mike McGinn.

IMG_9228Murray and Shiosaki call the neighborhood home. So does Murray’s campaign headquarters. Speaking of the E Pike campaign office, any fans of the The Wire might find the current scene in front of the building amusing. The story’s mayoral challenger Tommy Carcetti dealt with incumbent shenanigans like a noisy construction project in front of his HQ in the Home Rooms episode. In the real world, workers on E Pike said the sidewalk repair project has been underway for weeks. We’re certain incumbent McGinn would never engage in such tactics. Besides, Carcetti won.

  • If you’re voting last minute, you can also make a trip to the King County Administration building at 500 4th to drop off your ballot through 8 PM. Other drop-off locations here.
  • There are Election Night parties all over the Hill including the bashes for McGinn and Murray within a few blocks of each other on E Pike. Tuesday’s initial vote count is expected around 8:15 PM.
  • You can find all CHS Election 2013 coverage here.
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