Tell Sound Transit you’d like to take the subway from Capitol Hill to West Seattle

seattlesubwayWant the future Capitol Hill Station to be a magical portal to West Seattle? How about Ballard? Be careful. Those things go both ways! The advocates behind Seattle Subway are rallying people to the cause as the next big round of Sound Transit priorities gets settled. You have until Monday, November 25th to get your voice in on this round of future planning. Vote yes on magical portals.

Help us tell Sound Transit
to build a subway!

Hey Chs,

Seattle Subway supporters rock! After our email last week, 248 of you clicked on the link below totell Sound Transit that Seattle wants a subway.

If you weren’t one of those 248 beautiful people, there is still time. From now until November 25th, Sound Transit is taking public comments on the next step for regional transit. We need your help to achieve automated, grade separated rail from Downtown Seattle through West Seattle to Burien, and from UW to Ballard.

This is your chance to influence which routes will end up on your ballot by as soon as 2016. SoundTransit is counting on your input to prioritize transit investments around Seattle and the PugetSound region.

Where do you want the next subway lines to go? Click here to take Sound Transit’s 10 minute survey and have your say.

Your friends from Seattle Subway

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