A 14th Ave ‘lost dog’ poster story with a double happy ending

Of all the stories we pass by every day and never find out the ending to, the lost animal flyers on utility poles and in the CHS lost and found can be the saddest. Did the much loved Mr. Whiskers find his way home? Was Jasper ever reunited with his human? Flyers found recently around 14th Ave are part of, it turns out, a Capitol Hill story with a happy ending — or two. If you saw the posters and have been wondering, Harley is safe and on the mend with human pal Kevin.

The thank you flyers recently posted about the November 25th incident near 14th and Howell tell the tale:


Thanks to @grahamular for the picture

As a happy epilogue, we can also report that Kevin was able to connect with the people that found and rescued Harley. Here’s some of what he posted about the helpful neighbors on Facebook:

Looking out the window of their place, they saw a dog get hit by a taxi. They ran outside, but Harley already ran away. So they searched the neighborhood until they found him a couple blocks away. They asked people to drive them to the vet, but no one would. Then an employee of a nearby hospital offered them a cart. So they wrapped Harley in blankets and pushed him to the vet – a half mile away. Then they waited at the vet until they were sure he was safe.

“These people were amazing,” Kevin wrote. “It’s great to live in a city where people give of their time and heart when need beckons. Will you join me in thanking them?”

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14 thoughts on “A 14th Ave ‘lost dog’ poster story with a double happy ending

  1. What an extraordinary act of compassion and persistence by that couple.
    I’m hoping Harley survived the surgery and can return to his dad.
    My best to you, Kevin,hoping all turns out well.

  2. That totally choked me up. Well done, Capitol Hill!

    I experienced the kindness of a stranger/Cap Hill neighbor this spring after my cat escaped at night. A neighbor responded to a LOST sign and volunteered to help me track her down in the bushes behind secured buildings (which were not so secure). It took over 2 hours. I couldn’t have done it without him. I’m forever grateful. She sleeps by my feet as I write this.

  3. I saw that poster as I walked to downtown, and had tears in my eyes the rest of the way. I would love to know how Harley is doing. Thank Dog for such kind and dedicated people. Gotta love Capitol Hill