Blotter | Cal Anderson medicinal pot rip-off — Plus, the great Spinderella dolphin balloon black-out of 2013

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  • Medicinal pot rip-off: The suspect in a reported robbery late Wednesday afternoon near Cal Anderson told his victim he was armed with a gun as he stole 10 to 11 grams of marijuana, according to East Precinct radio dispatches. The possible armed robbery went down around 4:18 PM as police were called to the area after the victim reported the ripoff. SPD was looking for a suspect described as a young black male, around 5’5″ to 5’7″ and 130 pounds. He was wearing a cream colored jacked and carrying a black back pack at the time of the hold-up. The victim told police the thief implied he was carrying a handgun as he stole the drugs, medicinal marijuana with a value likely somewhere around $100. Police searched the area and swept through the nearby Seattle Central campus where the victim said he last saw the pot thief on the run. The SPD report on the incident has not yet been released so no further details were available. There were no immediate arrests.
  • Big boom: A loud bang along Broadway preceded a small power outage knocking around 300 Pike/Pine customers into darkness early Saturday morning. Tipster Amanda tells us that City Light said more than 300 customers were without power for a short duration following the boom. While the descriptions of the incident sound like the relatively common transformer blow-outs that sometimes hit the neighborhood, the cause behind this one might be more notable than most. “I know that last night out front of Q a giant dolphin balloon hit the power lines during the Spinderella set,” tipster Emily tells CHS via Facebook. We *could* call Seattle City Light and try to confirm the dolphin tale — but there’s no way we want to ruin this possible Capitol Hill legend. The story stands.
  • Car prowl recovery: The most important thing in this report on a car prowl Wednesday night on 10th Ave near Union? “The guitars were undamaged.”Screen Shot 2013-12-14 at 2.38.09 PM Screen Shot 2013-12-14 at 2.38.38 PM

9 thoughts on “Blotter | Cal Anderson medicinal pot rip-off — Plus, the great Spinderella dolphin balloon black-out of 2013

  1. I have been hearing lots of stories of marijuana thefts. Even legalized weed increases crime rates. Bad stuff all around for everyone. (And don’t bother to spam me, I am entitled to my opinion which the FDA and others agree with. You are not going to change it by calling me names)

    • I agree, RainWorshipper. The more people who have pot in their pockets (legal or not), the more muggings there will be, and especially if stoners break the new law by smoking in public places.

    • You have to wonder how much legalization increases reporting of these kinds of thefts. If this happened 10 years ago, the victim probably would not have called the police at all.

    • Yup. I live right off Cal Anderson Park, and I don’t smoke (anymore) but there’s a LOT of cannabis in the park and it freakin’ shouldn’t be there. Cannabis is apparently VERY expensive, and yes, if people are going to smoke cannabis in public places these crimes will continue. Just be smarter? Keep it out of public areas? Geesh! Come on, kids, smarten up.

  2. This goes without saying (sort of) but if it was really “medicinal” would someone really need to be carrying around them and needing to smoke it while “hanging out” in Cal Anderson pk? I suppose that is neither here nor there, but it just shows what a joke the whole “medical” aspect has been.

    • I completely agree, Jim. It is only a minority of those buying pot in the “dispensaries” who actually have a qualifying medical condition. Most are gaming the system to get some recreational pot, and the dispensaries are enabling this by making it very easy to get an authorization. Hopefully, the Liquor Board will follow through on their plans to tighten up the regulations regarding medical pot, or better yet disallow the dispensaries all together. Those few who truly need pot for medical reasons can buy it at the retail stores in 2014.

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