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IMG_3152Tell me about the piece you made for the group art show “The Laurelton: No Place Like Home” — 

The show is about our apartment buildings residents exploring their idea of home. I arrived at the Laurelton a couple weeks after losing everything in a house fire–easiest move ever! I was spinning; all the physical evidence that represented my 27 years of life had gone up in smoke and my identity felt compromised. I spent my first few months in APT 405 pouring over mountains of donations, blathering to myself while repositioning my houseplants, and running up a $750 heating bill. Home eluded me for about a year. It took that long to recognize myself without any of the familiar props, and to feel like home was a place that existed even within myself. My piece for the show is called “Home is in my Body.” I’ve appropriated an object that went through the fire, which still smells like a lifetime of objects that were never meant to burn.

“The Laurelton: No Place Like Home” opens at Vermillion on Thursday, December 12th.

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