How you can help stalled Capitol Hill mural project move forward

This summer, CHS reported how disagreements between two collaborating groups stalled a project to create a series of murals on Capitol Hill walls. Today, the effort is back in motion and re-dubbed the Seattle Mural Project. As part of the process to secure a City of Seattle grant, SMP has put out a call for the good people of Capitol Hill to pledge to volunteer on the project so that their hours can be matched. You can learn more — and sign up — hereSMP-LOGO-2014.

We need your help to support Seattle Mural Project (Formerly Stunning Seattle) (and don’t worry, we’re not asking for money). Without your help we may be in danger of losing our city funding. The City is asking that we renew our volunteers and that means we need people to sign up ASAP to show The City of Seattle that folks are still interested in giant murals on Capitol Hill. It will only take you a minute and it’s totally easy. There is no obligation for signing up and in doing so you will tell The City to move forward with this great project.

Theater Schmeater Kickstarter
It might seem counterproductive to promote an effort to raise funds to help a longtime Capitol Hill theater leave the neighborhood, but it’s a done deal — Theater Schmeater is destined for Belltown. CHS reported in May that the theater was leaving its 21-year Summit Ave home after the building was acquired last spring. The Shelter the Schmee Kickstarter campaign seeks to raise $20,000 before the end of the year to help the theater build out its new Belltown lease.ce934dcd9cc1681c190d3d6f069419d8_large

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