Never mind the camera crew: Flurry of small production activity in neighborhood

BbDvk1CCMAAphqnIn late November, a commercial video crew attracted in part by a City of Seattle campaign to draw production work to the city wrapped shoots at the Odd Fellows building and Linda’s. This week brings another round of production to the photogenic neighborhood.

  • A commercial shoot is underway Monday through 3 PM near 700 Broadway E, according to this flyer distributed to neighbors and shared with us.
  • An apparently unauthorized crew was reportedly chased out of Trader Joe’s Sunday afternoon.
  • An NBC News “true-crime” team is in the neighborhood this week to shoot a Mia Zapata episode, according to a call for extras:

Peacock Productions, a division of NBC News, is casting re-enactments for our second season of DEAD OF NIGHT, a true-crime documentary series airing on ID (Investigation Discovery). My name is Keisha Katz and I’m the Associate Producer for this particular episode. Along with my Producer, Ed, we will be shooting re-enactments in Seattle and will need extras on Monday, Dec. 9 from 3pm-5pm and Thursday, Dec. 12th from beginning at 1pm and ending by or before 6pm.

This episode is about Mia Zapata, who was the lead singer of the band, “The Gits” during the early 1990s grunge scene. Just as Mia was at the peak of her career, she was tragically killed. Her case went unsolved for 10 years until DNA technology led to the capture of the man who took her life. This man currently sits in jail. For Mia, however, her legacy lives on through the people that knew her and her music. On Monday we will be recreating a scene of the band performing, if selected as an extra you will be in the audience of their live show. On Thursday, we will be creating a bar scene and a restaurant scene.

 Gig pays $10 per hour.


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9 thoughts on “Never mind the camera crew: Flurry of small production activity in neighborhood

  1. I would really discourage people from signing up to background on the “Dead Of Night” shoot – BG performers should be earning a lot more than just over minimum wage!

  2. Great. More hollywood falsehoods and fraud so they can make money off of our friend who was murdered…. these assholes need to feel a boycott….. what pisses me off the most is they have to make up a fake band, a fake crowd, then fake the story just so those of us who knew and loved Mia can do what? relive this sick shit? assholes.

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