Olympia notes: No transportation package, Pedersen & Walkinshaw sworn in

  • It might be time for Plan B. In November, Exec Dow Constantine said King County would employ a “Plan B” if state leaders couldn’t pass a new transportation funding package. While the Olympians have promised to resume discussing the funding when regular sessions resume in January, no special session was called to nail down the needed multi-billion dollar package:

    The Senate majority wants that slice of sales-tax revenue to be applied to transportation projects, estimating it could boost spending by $750 million over the next 12 years.

    Democrats have said they want the money to remain in the general fund, noting the state will need billions of dollars in the coming years to meet a state Supreme Court mandate to increase funding for education.

Frank Chopp, Pedersen and Murray at a 2011 town hall (Image: CHS)

Frank Chopp, Pedersen and Murray at a 2011 town hall (Image: CHS)

  • The Olympia shuffle is complete. Jamie Pedersen has been sworn in to continue representing the 43rd District — now as a state senator. CHS reported on the Capitol Hill rep’s likely path to take over for Ed Murray who stepped down following his victory in the Seattle mayor’s race. “I am honored to serve the people of the 43rd Legislative District,” Pedersen said. “I look forward to working with my new colleagues in the Senate,” Pedersen says in a statement on the appointment. Meanwhile, another Capitol Hill resident was selected to fill Pedersen’s former place in the state House. We introduced you to Brady Walkinshaw here.
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