One year ago this week on Capitol Hill

8446894268_ed6a3c7db6_oHere are the top CHS posts from this week in 2012:

  1. Capitol Hill drug crimes by the numbers — Meth is the sad king, few pot busts
  2. Rainbow Crosswalk Project — Where on Capitol Hill should the rainbow crosswalks go?
  3. Sunset Electric’s transformative moment at 11th and Pine
  4. Santarchy 2012 gets soaked on Capitol Hill
  5. Cintli to bring Latin art & cafe to empty Broadway bistro space
  6. Trial ends in 2010 Capitol Hill hatchet murder as defendant ruled insane
  7. SCCC has plans for 6-story student housing on Broadway, more for light rail ‘Site D’
  8. Woman dukes it out with Capitol Hill car prowler
  9. Capitol Hill wakes up to a wet Wednesday Wonderland
  10. Capitol Hill microhousing meeting frustrates loophole opponents
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