One year ago this week on Capitol Hill

8324154550_fc49909bfaHere are the top CHS posts from this week in 2012 2013.

  1. Why nobody* is building hotels or office space in Pike/Pine
  2. Sam’s Tavern to celebrate New Year’s Eve grand opening in Pike/Pine
  3. Starbucks taking over Tully’s… former space at E Pike and Broadway
  4. Pagliacci celebrates 30 years on Broadway with 1983 prices, neon
  5. Woman charged in bloody knife and hammer attack inside Capitol Hill apartment
  6. Blotter | Woman robbed at E John bus stop, Christmas apartment burglary
  7. Guanaco’s Tacos has shuttered its Capitol Hill pupuseria
  8. First Hill’s hotel elder statesman: Facing downtown competition, Sorrento has history on its side
  9. Police investigating New Year’s Eve bank heist on Capitol Hill — UPDATE: Caught red handed?
  10. More details from victim of fake cop in Volunteer Park ‘gold badge’ robbery


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