911 | Deadly crash on Lakeview Blvd E, New Year’s shootings across city

Here are preliminary reports on a violent and deadly start to 2014 including a fatal car crash on the northwest side of Capitol Hill and multiple shooting incidents across the city. See something others should know about? Email CHS or call/txt (206) 399-5959. You can view recent CHS Crime coverage here.

  • Deadly crash: The driver and his male passenger were killed and a female passenger was in critical condition after a rollover crash on Lakeview Blvd E near the Harvard Ave steps early Wednesday morning. Seattle Fire units filled the road near the turn where Lakeview passes under I-5 as the female in her 20s who had been sitting in the vehicle’s back seat was rushed to the hospital. Lakeview remained closed for hours during the investigation of the single-car crash. The two males who died have not yet been identified. The area near the crash including the nearby I-5 exit remained closed into Wednesday’s daylight hours. UPDATE: Here is SPD’s update on the crash.

    Detectives are investigating a single vehicle collision that left two people dead.  On 1/1/14, just shortly before 3:00 a.m., a Ford Mustang Convertible was travelling northbound on Lakeview Ave E. As the vehicle entered the 1800 block, the driver for unknown reason, lost control and the vehicle left the roadway.

    The vehicle went sideways and struck a fire [hydrant], which caused it to rollover onto its roof. .

    Seattle Fire Dept. responded to treat the 3 occupants of the vehicle; the driver and a passenger were pronounced dead at the scene. Another passenger suffered minor injuries and was transported to Harborview Medical Center.

    Traffic Collision Investigators responded and processed the scene. The investigation continues.

  • Seattle New Year’s shootings: First Hill’s Harborview was the center of activity on a bloody New Year’s eve as victims in multiple shooting incidents were rushed to the facility. One victim with a gunshot wound was dropped off at the hospital around 2:30 AM following a shooting incident near 26th and Yesler. Later in the morning, police say as many as five people were shot in an incident near a South Seattle motorcycle club around 5:30 AM. UPDATE: Only one of the victims in the motorcycle club incident was shot. Three others were seriously assaulted. Only minutes earlier, police and medics were busy with at least one victim in a shooting incident on Airport Way South. Earlier in the night around 2:30 AM, police were investigating yet another shooting near 12th and Main. There were no known victims in that incident in which a man pulled a gun out of his vehicle and opened fire on another car. Before midnight, a West Seattle shooting at a New Year’s party sent two to the hospital including a male with multiple gunshot wounds.
  • Driver hits tree at Broadway/Jeff: A driver crashed into a tree near Broadway and Jefferson in a single-car incident just before 2 AM. According to Seattle Fire, the 22-year-old woman was taken to the hospital in stable condition after the single-car crash.
  • Demonstration arrests: At least two protesters were taken into custody after police say a crowd of demonstrators threw rocks and bottles at officers Tuesday night. A planned “New Year’s Eve Noise Demonstration” drew about 50 protesters to King County Juvenile Detention Center at 12th and Alder.

8 thoughts on “911 | Deadly crash on Lakeview Blvd E, New Year’s shootings across city

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  2. A very sad start to the New Year.

    New Years always bring hope of new beginnings, etc, but are always tinged, in my mind, with the memory of the obvious Police activity on December 31st 2007 that we witnessed on our way to/from 14th & Thomas for the fireworks – that was the night that Shannon Harps was stabbed to death by a deranged man.

    While we prepare for the New Year, let’s take a moment to consider the “might have beens”. I never knew her but everything I’ve read about Miss Harps shows that she was an extraordinary young woman, with a great life ahead of her:

    • I remember this too. Such a sad night. Seattle can do better than this. Let’s show it by fixing some of this mess this year, making for a better entrance to 2015. I’m so sorry for the losses these families and friends will always remember on one of our most celebrated holidays. May their lives become markers for change.

  3. I often think of New Years Eve as a form of Amateur Hour. A great night to stay close to home with loved ones, and leave the roads to those who choose to put their lives, and those of others, at risk.

    • What a horribly insensitive comment for the families, friends and loved ones of the people who lost their lives last night to read. Both bad decisions and accidents can happen any day of the year. Check your ego and self-righteousness. I can only hope your 2014 resolutions include increasing your level of compassion.

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