A 20-point Capitol Hill plan for Mayor Murray

IMG_0930We’re only 13 points short. Below are seven ideas for Capitol Hill-favorable goals for the Murray administration’s first term. What else should go on the list?

  1. Get the liquor board to agree to a pilot program for extended bar hours
  2. Begin advocating for a specific city-wide minimum wage increase with possible exemptions
  3. Increase regular police patrols on block-specific posts
  4. Get more walking and biking patrols in Capitol Hill
  5. Propose a “vigorous” integrated transportation plan like Vancouver and New York
  6. Implement an improved monitoring system for tracking new housing development
  7. Develop a plan with state Housing Finance Committee to secure funding for workforce housing
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21 thoughts on “A 20-point Capitol Hill plan for Mayor Murray

  1. Revise DPD regulations which are allowing 50-60′ new buildings in LR-3 zones, and tighten the regulations which apply to microhousing.

    • thank you re: SEATTLE (not just Capitol Hill). Lots of Seattle needs it way worse than CapHill. At least many of the multi-unit bldgs on CapHill can negotiate with providers like Condo Internet or others who compete for the business. Most neighborhoods are way more under-served.

    • Believe it or not some people actually don’t live in multi-unit buildings on the hill and are stuck with comcast. With net neutrality now a thing of the past, it is even more important the city get in the ISP business and offer cheap fiber to all residents.

  2. Fiber Plan for sure. Murray is on record as saying “he’s committed to making this happen” (assuming Comcast lets him :/ )

  3. 1. Re-hire the head gardener at the Conservatory. Our previous administration, crying poor during the recession, permanently cut this wonderful asset, making it much less accessible to the public. They preferred to pay $50K to a consultant for some pretty boilerplate and a recommendation to charge $3 per person, than to keep the gardener who had made this such a wonderful spot.

    2. Real fiber broadband for the city. Not just a lot of talk based on a partnership the previous administration knew was defunct. Let’s get a pilot project going and then find a way to deliver some real service and real competition in this area.

    3. Some real help for Annapurna and the other businesses that are being hurt by our massive transportation projects. With all those billions to spend, nothing to alleviate the impact on great community assets like Annapurna and others. How about the impact on SCCC — we’ll have a shiny new streetcar going right by, while this real gem of the Hill doesn’t have funding to maintain it’s buildings or program fully. If the city just cannot find any money to assist SCCC, well, what about at least some high profile cheerleading and lobbying the legislature.

  4. I hate to throw out the four letter word, but road work (and sidewalk work) is seriously needed on many parts of Capitol Hill, and Seattle in general. In my opinion, it seems that when we talk about improving transportation in the city – safety, capacity, etc. – the conversation is framed as an almost zero sum battle between cars, buses, cyclists, and pedestrians. Personally I walk to work, ride the bus down occasionally, drive my car a few times a week, and take taxis home from bars every now and then. And I have tripped on the sidewalks because of sections uprooted by trees, had a blown tire due to a huge pot hole, and been bounced around on bus routes that travel up and down roads so lumpy and bumpy, I’m surprised the buses can travel at the 5 mph pace they do. I mean, there are sections of roads on Capitol Hill that are still cobblestone. Cobblestone!!!

    • Far be it for me to tell people when to go to bed….but I did notice when I first moved here (from cities w/ later closing hours)– bars&clubs get busy earlier here. Not such a bad thing.

      • Why not SHORTEN the hours people can drink?

        80,000 people die directly or indirectly from alcohol use every year in the USA. Marijuana? ZERO!

      • No recorded cases of overdose deaths from cannabis have been found in extensive literature reviews. That is not the same as getting high and wrapping a car around a tree.

  5. Fix the sidewalks!

    Make 10th and 11th between Madison and Cal Anderson one way streets with wide sidewalks so they become North – South pedestrian pathways

    Close Pike Street between Broadway and 12th from Friday afternoon to Sunday evening allowing businesses to spill out seating onto the street, farmers market, street yoga, music, etc

    More bik parking

    Free parking for scooters

    Expand the Capitol Hill BIA

  6. If bar hours get extended, you can kiss what is left of capitol hill’s daytime business community goodbye. It’s already a huge problem, so why make it even worse?