Capitol Hill food+drink | Votes are in for 2013 bar and restaurant rookies of the year

To finish off the plate of deliciousness that was 2013 in Capitol Hill food+drink, CHS asked you, once again, to vote on your favorite new restaurants and bars from the roster of 32 neighborhood food and drink newbies. It’s basically our rookie of the year voting. You’ll find the 2013 results, below.

At the top of the heap was a concept that generated a ton of buzz and lived up to most of it. A 24-hour dive-minded diner in Pike/Pine? Had to happen. Congratulations to Lost Lake — far and away, CHS’s “most important” new Capitol Hill hotspot in 2013. We’ve posted the full results and a few cuts of the responses. Results from 2012 and 2011 are here. You can also let us know in comments what people need to try on the menus at these new venues. We already know all about the twice-baked croissants, thanks much.

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Here’s a cut of the results based on everybody who selected Lost Lake. Unfortunately, our survey service doesn’t allow us to create a cut to show what people who did NOT select Lost Lake did pick. You’ll have to guess. By the way, we looked at what the top pick was for people who also picked World of Beer. After WOB, naturally, they also like Lost Lake.

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Here’s a cut of the results filtered by respondents who selected 2 or more choices

Capitol Hill food+drink notes

  • Bauhaus’s rebirth in the former Capitol Club has missed a deadline or three but ownership says not to fear — new timeline is to be open before end of month. When it does open (after a good scrubbing, hopefully, to get rid of an explosion of tagging), you’ll also find wine and beer available in the evenings, we’re told.
  • Happy birthday to Rachel Marshall’s little sweetie. Her baby boy came into the world Sunday night, according to the always reliable social media. Another Marshall babyNacho Borracho — opens soon on Broadway.
  • Congratulations to Broadway’s Altura selected by AAA (they still exist!) for “four diamond status.” As corny as it might sound, it’s one of only two such designations in the proud state of Washington. Altura, for those of you wondering, joins the far-flung The Willows Inn on Lummi Island on the list.
  • Steve Cheng, the man building Chinese restaurant Zhu Dang inside the former home of The Social popped up in CHS comments:

    We’ve discussed the noise and the patio, and it is definitely something I want to keep under control. I’m acutely aware of how the neighbors felt about the previous tenant, and want to make sure that I don’t become more nuisance than attraction. Also, I’m doing my best to respect the businesses below my own (Artful Dodger, Evolve, and Side Show). Those guys are awesome!

  • Annapurna is delicious. And practically hidden behind construction barriers. Make sure to stop by.
  • Meanwhile, Annapurna’s owner and other Broadway food+drink owners including the folks from Julia’s say they didn’t authorize their inclusion in a letter protesting the push for a $15 minimum wage in Seattle. That letter sparked some illuminating discussion on CHS including some attempts at quantifying the potential impact to a small restaurant:

    I keep a close eye on commercial rents around Capitol Hill. Some are decent, some are a little spendy and others are outrageous. Broadway for example is overpriced, you can tell it’s overpriced by looking at the new businesses that are moving in. Corporate, big businesses are the only players who can afford such huge rent payments.

    Some areas of Pike/Pine are a little more reasonably priced, but are starting to get too expensive for small business.

    For Example: (keep in mind, my experience is on the food service side)

    914 E. Pike St.Seattle, WA 98122 has been available for lease for quite a long time.

    Base rent is: $4643.33 (month)
    NNN: $692.52 (month)
    Total Rent: $5335.85 (month)

    To stay sustainable, my rule is that your rent shouldn’t be more than 8% of your total monthly sales.

    In order to stay sustainable, the business in this particular space needs to have at least $66,698 in monthly sales. For few businesses that’s no problem, but for most it’s not within reach.

    Fun Fact:

    A (food) business that does $67,000 per month in sales will gross over $800,000 per year in revenue. Of that $800,000, profits will be between $40,000 and $80,000.

  • Capitol Hill food and drink mergers and acquisitions action: The team behind Marination Station is taking an ownership stake in Bellevue Ave’s Chico Madrid.
  • On Remedy Teas: “They’re like wine stewards, who can steer the uncertain to something deeply delicious.”
  • Watch out for your windows. Some unlucky glass action at Capitol Hill nightspots over the weekend.
  • (Image: Juicebox)

    (Image: Juicebox)

    Mamnoon has started an afternoon “drink service.” On Tuesday through Sunday, the Melrose restaurant will feature “discounted drinks with a complementary selection of sweet and savory snacks” from 2:30 to 5:30 PM.

  • Juicebox will unveil the first in its AOPC dinner series with January 24th’s Arabic Night. The $90 a plate “all others pay cash” dinners are “a nod to a string of underground dinners Brunson and Myett started in 2010.”
  • Sad news in the Central District where Med Mix has announced it will not re-open at 23rd and Union after an arson fire shuttered the eatery in August 2013. Owner Otmane Bezzaz said he hopes to re-open at a new location in the area. The fire-damaged building is now back up for lease.
  • With no space left for him to open another joint on 15th Ave, apparently, Ethan Stowell is opening Chippy, a new fish and chips joint in Ballard.
  • Congratulations to the Mayor of Pie Bar:

    (Image: Pie Bar via Facebook)

    (Image: Pie Bar via Facebook)

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4 thoughts on “Capitol Hill food+drink | Votes are in for 2013 bar and restaurant rookies of the year

  1. Have to say, Lost Lake had their problems when they opened, especially long waits, but they seem to have gotten that under control. My recent waits have been 10-15 minutes, which is perfectly acceptable.

  2. I can’t believe anyone answered Chipotle or Einstein’s. Seriously? That’s sad, given the other contenders on this list.

  3. Congratulations to Altura! Well-deserved recognition for one of the best meals I’ve ever eaten in my life. My wife and I have gone there on our anniversary two years running and even if we move away from Capitol Hill I can’t imagine we’ll ever stop.

  4. I’m glad to see Vostok Dumpling House so high up on this list. It is absolutely delicious, and I love a place that specializes in one item and does it really well.

    Judging from the love for Lost Lake, I assume the service must have vastly improved. I’ll have to try it again. The first time we went, we waited over 90 minutes (after being seated) for scrambled eggs and toast, and the next time, we were completely ignored after being seated so we gave up and left after 20 minutes. It definitely brought out the impatient east coaster in me.