Capitol Hill nonprofit love — January 2014: Lifelong

The soggy scene at Lifelong's 2013 AIDS Walk

The soggy scene at Lifelong’s 2013 AIDS Walk

We’re still working out all in the ins and outs of how it will work but the opportunity to collaborate with the crew over at CHS advertiser Lost Lake to do something good for Capitol Hill nonprofits couldn’t be passed up. Tuesday (January 14th), the 24-hour diner will donate 10% of sales from the day’s 24 hours of business to Capitol Hill’s Lifelong AIDS Alliance. You’ll also be able to give to Lifelong at Lost Lake through the month. The plan is to feature a new nonprofit every month that your breakfast, lunch, etc. can help support. Other Capitol Hill businesses interested in getting involved? Do it. You can let us know at

We asked Lifelong’s Kelly Bray for a few reasons people might want to support Lifelong. She gave us 11.

Top 11 Reasons Why Lifelong Rocks

1.      We keep people alive. Whether through our work helping clients obtain life-saving health care, securing safe housing, or boosting their immune system through our healthy meals and groceries,Lifelong prevents the vulnerable and sick from becoming another statistic.

2.      We keep HIV in the public consciousness. While we are closer to an AIDS free generation – we’re not there yet. We keep the conversation fresh about serious issues such as how we can keep the chronically ill to live long and healthy lives, how we can eradicate stigma, or what can we do about reducing infection rates among communities that are disproportionately affected.

3.      We believe evolution is a good thing. While honoring the history of HIV/AIDS Seattle and paying respect to a generation hit hard by this disease, we are expanding the borders of our services to include people living with other life-challenging illnesses in addition to HIV/AIDS.

4.      We prevent HIV infections from spreading. We distributed 60,182 safe sex kits last year and host regular HIV education trainings. We get people on their meds. We partner with other community organizations to spread the word as to the risks in contracting HIV.

5.      140,000 meals and 34,000 groceries a year. Need we say more?

 6.      With that said, we are more than a meal. Sometimes our delivery drivers are the only face a client sees in weeks. We’ve helped our clients get the heat turned back on as well as made sure their pets have food.

7.      Compassion is our middle name. Finding out you have a serious chronic illness like HIV/AIDS brings up a big fear of the unknown. Lifelong is a safe place to find help and hope during this time.

8.      We know our way around the legislature. Our public policy team works with elected officials and other policy-makers, empowers clients to be persuasive advocates, and makes sure that HIV/AIDS treatment and prevention are top priorities in City Hall, Olympia, and the other Washington.

9.      We create connections. Whether through our monthly congregate meals open to the community or the friendships that arise from volunteering, we build community.

10. We have the best fundraisersGay Bingo, anyone?

11. Our thrift store is awesome.  100% of sales support Lifelong. So donate those fabulous Tahari flats and stop by and do a little shopping while you’re at it.

Donate, volunteer, or buy tickets for one of our upcoming events, like Gay Bingo, at

1527057_604775589572218_1546380022_nOn January 14th, Lost Lake will donate 10% of sales to the Lifelong AIDS Alliance and collect donations from patrons all month long. CHS is happy to support the cause. If you’d like to join the monthly giving, let us know.

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