Chamber of Commerce asks: ‘How safe is Capitol Hill?’

You’ve seen the regular CHS Blotter posts, our look at where on the Hill various types of crime were centered in 2013 and a partial-year look at the crime trends and statistics for the neighborhood. The FBI numbers for the city as a whole say Seattle is an extremely safe big city.

As it looks at an expanded charter and role in the neighborhood, the Capitol Hill Chamber of Commerce is asking for people to weigh in on their perceptions about crime in the area — here’s their survey:Screen Shot 2014-01-21 at 10.55.43 AM

Let us know how you responded in comments, below. We’ll probably all feel a little safer when SPD has the information it needs to nail this case:

If you have information that could help, contact Seattle Police Arson/Bomb Squad detectives at (206) 684-8980.

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7 thoughts on “Chamber of Commerce asks: ‘How safe is Capitol Hill?’

  1. Well, my husband got punched by a homeless guy on Broadway who yelled some homophobic slurs at him while out to get his Sunday morning coffee this weekend, so I’d say it’s not super safe at the moment :)

    I really don’t understand why there aren’t any foot patrols in the obvious problem areas.

  2. It looks like you just posted this an hour ago but the survey says it’s closed. I am not feeling very safe at all lately and find myself more and more staying in after dark and feeling like a prisoner inside the house. I’ve dealt with a lot of panhandler harassment lately, was body slammed into a wall by street kids who called me an “f-ing dyke” (thankfully a hit and run as they were double my size) and been threatened several times in the street by unsavory types. I’m not enjoying what’s going on in the hood.

  3. The survey doesn’t ask anything about property crime: vandalism, graffiti, trespass, prowling, car break-ins, bicycle thefts. And I’d concur, I cannot recall the last time I saw a foot patrol on Broadway.

  4. It seems like the pleas for more foot patrols in the neighborhood have been going on for years now, yet it never seems to happen. What does it take to get the SPD to act on this? I would like to see the Capitol Hill Chamber of Commerce take the lead on this and get it done. Michael?

    • We are in active talks with the new East Precinct captain, who – we believe – shares our desires on more foot patrols. The issues remain capacity & funding. By which I mean how many officers serve the East Precinct and how they are allocated w/in the Precinct. Mayor McGinn did locate some City money late last year and we did see emphasized foot patrols on Broadway & Pike/Pine – until that money ran out. Many of these discussions on how the City allocates funds and how we manage policing will be taken up by the new Chief – who will be selected this year. I’d like to encourage everyone with public safety concerns to attend the public meetings around that Chief selection process and make your concerns know. Until then, the CH Chamber will continue to advocate for increased foot/beat patrols and keep pressing on community concerns with City Hall (both the Council & the Mayor’s office, as well as Parks) and the East Precinct.