Design proposal released for Value Village mixed-use office building and preservation project

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(Image: CHS)

(Image: CHS)

The plan for the preliminary design elements for the next massive preservation and development project in Pike/Pine have been released to the public for the first time this week. Next Wednesday, the Legacy Pine project will take its first steps in front of the East Design Review Board. We’ll have more on the review session soon but, given the quickly dwindling count of structures like the auto-row era buildings involved in the project that have been home most recently to the likes of REI, Value Village and The Stranger, CHS thought we’d get word out about this review early — and ask you what you think.

We reported on the longtime landowner’s office-focused plans for the project in October:

Legacy’s vision is to create a true mixed-use project with office, ground floor retail, as well as residential components.

We believe, if or when we proceed, that our approach and commitment to the architecture of the existing structures will be a tribute to the neighborhood and its history.  The project has the ability to bring more day time workers/uses to support existing retail and restaurants, in addition to providing Capitol Hill’s growing businesses the opportunity to expand their footprint within the community. We also included this preliminary “glamour shot” rendering of the Ankrom Moison-designed building:

1-1-1-600x330 (2)

When we broke the news on the project in September, the developers told CHS planning was only in “the incubation stage.” Clearly, that status has changed.

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Specifications and more renderings of the preferred basic structure of the building — its massing — are below.

Screen Shot 2014-01-09 at 9.17.32 AM Screen Shot 2014-01-09 at 9.19.03 AM Screen Shot 2014-01-09 at 9.20.17 AM

You can review the entire design packet (PDF, 8 MB) here. The review for the project at 1021 E Pine is Wednesday, January 15th at 6:30 PM at the Seattle U alumni and admissions building, 901 12th Ave.

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15 thoughts on “Design proposal released for Value Village mixed-use office building and preservation project

  1. Although I will be sad to see value village leave and feel bad for the people who are currently working on the bar that will soon get torn up, I think this is one of the better projects to be proposed on capitol hill. The set back really differentiates the original building from the addition and will not overwhelm the street. I wish all building had a set back requirement. It would really improve the the pedestrian experience and preserve more views and lights for everyone.

    • I agree, what about the art on the side of the Monique Lofts building?

      As well, there are lofts in that building that have windows on that side where apparently a building will now butt up against. How will that affect those units and this art?

      Could something be done so there is a pedestrian concourse of sorts (or maybe even an open entrance into a parking garage), that allow the art to remain and those windows to be active while creating a plaza or open space between the two buildings?

      Overall though, love the look of the building and it’s keeping in style with the tone of the originals. The setbacks are great. I’d hope they’d keep the rafters and wood from the existing structures.

  2. I agree that this is one of the better designs I’ve seen proposed. The setbacks make a big difference – I flipped through the design packet and there is a (non-preferred) alternative without setbacks. Although it is one story shorter, it feels bulkier and deemphasizes the original facade. I hope the alternative presented here is chosen.

    If the great public art on the wall next door can be saved, and the impact on the condos mitigated, that would also be wonderful.

  3. Bummer to see Value Village go. I especially like going there and smelling the aroma of those creosote-soaked floors that remind me of my childhood going there with my family when it was still REI.

    However, if it’s going to be redeveloped, I agree with other commenters — glad the old buildings are being preserved, and the setback really does make a big difference.

  4. How about adaptive reuse of the buildings rather than just saving the facades – is there a better way to design this project without wholesale destruction of the existing structures: adaptive reuse, additions on top of Value Village and new construction inserted into the parking lot hole. A more innovative approach would be welcome: the terracotta bldg on the corner is one of the few around here, and yes, the creosote and REI memories. More seriously, it’s a shame to lose Value Village which serves a broad range of Capitol Hill residents. I do like the mix of commercial, office and residential – we need more office in this area for daytime use and retail strength. I’d like to see more creative approaches to re-using buildings, and making use of the TDP provisions of the Pike Pine conservation overlay to bring entire buildings into the 21st century. This is an interesting site, and I think more can be done than is being presented at this point.

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  7. Rent! (grrr) That’s all I just wanted to say.

    It took me several years to finally get to a place in my life where I could live on the Hill – and I’ve been loving it – a lot.
    But now my rent keeps going up (about $100/yr), for the last couple of years – since all of this building began.
    Seriously sucks.
    And I doubt I (and maybe several others) can afford any of the new up and coming chichi – hoity-toity – well-to-do spaces, let alone keep up with existing rent and increases.
    (And podments are not an alternative – they are just ridiculous.)

    Change is for the most part good – but quite a bit of this whole thing really sucks – really (speaking of all of the development in general – not just this one building/project). … jacked up rents and the loss of (not sure what to call it) – I guess “street” feel, with the added yuppy-I got money-douche factor.

    … we used to have Urban Golf here and other cool stuff … down-right shame now…

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