First Hill gets new bank — with fancy new ATM and check for Capitol Hill Housing — as Chase opens on Madison

(Image: Coppins Well)

(Image: Coppins Well)

We’ve reported on the proliferation of financial institutions along Capitol Hill’s main commercial drag on Broadway. The commercial boulevard takes a jog at First Hill where Friday morning a new bank is celebrating its opening in the neighborhood.

Along with cutting the opening ribbon, Chase officials will be handing over a $75,000 donation to nonprofit developer Capitol Hill Housing. Perhaps CHH will use the newfangled new Chase ATM documented in the announcement below to receive their payment in coins.

Chase joins a recently opened Top Pot and a sandwich shop in the Coppins Well development that opened in fall 2012. In addition to the thousands of health and medical workers who populate the area, these new merchants also serve a growing residential population — with more on the way. Last summer, we reported on the opening of a new grocery store to serve First Hill’s workers — and residents.

Chase celebrates opening of new branch in First Hill Neighborhood

Investment in customer service and innovative technology

SEATTLE (January 27 , 2013) — On January 31, Chase will celebrate the official opening of its new First Hillbanking branch with a Chamber of Commerce Ribbon cutting at 9:30 am, which is open to the public. The new branch will employ seven full time employees and is located at First Hill – 1200 Madison St. in Seattle.

The First Hill branch will mark Chase’s 215th branch in Washington. The new 2,680 + square foot branch  will provide a full range of services, including checking

and savings accounts, business banking, mortgages, investment products and advisors. Additionally, it is one of the first branches in Washington to offer

customers the new next generation ATMs.

Features of new ATMs

  • ·         Allows customers to request “custom denominations”
  • ·         Dispense bills ranging from $1 to $100
  • ·         have the capability of dispensing coins, a service that will be piloted soon and eventually rolled out nationwide.
  • ·         Offers customers the service of paying credit card bills and loading Chase prepaid cards with cash.

“The opening of our new First Hill branch represents Chase’s long-term commitment to serving the community,” saidChase District Manager, Chante Dysart-LeeChase has vast experience in helping consumers and businesses with their financial needs and our branch is proud to be the newest addition to the community.”

The First Hill branch is open 9 a.m. – 6 p.m. Monday through Friday and 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. on Saturday. In addition to the next generation ATMs, the branch will also feature safe boxes as well as a conference room that is open to the community pending branch manager’s permission.

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8 thoughts on “First Hill gets new bank — with fancy new ATM and check for Capitol Hill Housing — as Chase opens on Madison

  1. $75,000? Ask Chante Dysart-Lee how Chase’s avarice has “served the community” and if they will be offering a pittance to those who lost their homes and jobs over the past 5 years because of it. Chase continues to pay billions of dollars in fines for their misdoings (a drop in the bucket for them) and they just announced that Jamie Dimon will be paid $20 million “for the past year’s work.”

    Their signs in our community are beacons of greed and ethical decay.

  2. Just what we need, another bank

    I cant figure out why they need so much space. I walk by the banks on Broadway and they are empty.

    Umpqua bank at the Joule Apts and HomeStreet at 700 Broadway, no one ever there and the tellers stand around all day staring out the windows.

    • I don’t understand it either. With online services, mobile apps etc., I thought brick and mortar banks would go the way of the video store.

      Understanding some are needed for those who don’t use technology, business accounts and need to resolve issues face-to-face etc. but wow, so many banks!

  3. This building is so boring, it makes college dormitories look interesting. Welcome Chase- you’ll feel quite at home.

    (Also, you are an awful, awful company)

  4. Like the ATM’s dispensing something other than 20’s but the fee is still the same I am sure. City Markets ATM does 5’s which is nice.