Gits drummer rallying support for NBC boycott to protest Mia Zapata ‘true crime’ doc

994992_10202606639468975_1742451650_nInformation from a Seattle casting call posted by CHS in December has helped fuel a backlash against NBC over an episode of the “true crime” series Dead of Night planned to tell the story of the brutal rape and murder of Gits lead singer Mia Zapata.

Drummer Steve Moriarty has posted a call for a boycott of the network to Facebook:

NBC’s True Crime in the Dark (or something equally as tasteless) series, recently filmed a reenactment of the murder of our friend Mia Zapata. They used actors and canned music. I tried to have civil and logical conversations with the producers of the show, however, NBC did not think that using The Gits music or film footage of Mia playing live was worth paying customary and fair licensing fees as established by ASCAP, BMI and the recording Industry.
There is nothing artistic, musical or positive about the re-telling of Mia’s brutal death. Nothing except a cheap way for NBC to sell ads for a younger, hipper demographic which the network desperately needs.
The piece will air in June and does not have the endorsement of any of the band, Mia’s family or immediate friends. It is simply, Gitsploitation and I suggest local business refrain from advertising products and services on NBC during the month of the one hour episode of “murder in the dark”. (Or whatever the title) featuring The murder of Mia and the city of Seattle.

Gits fan Tumblr sites have included links to the CHS information on the Seattle casting call adding to pressure on the show’s producers.

Zapata was found beaten, raped and strangled on a Central District street in the summer of 1993.

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5 thoughts on “Gits drummer rallying support for NBC boycott to protest Mia Zapata ‘true crime’ doc

  1. As has been pointed out elsewhere, the surviving members of The Gits donate royalties from use of the Gits songs to anti-violence causes, so for NBC to not use their music (and to avoid paying the band its licensing fees) is a double-dick move.

  2. Perhaps, a peaceful candle lit protest calling for the boycott of this episode could be held on the weekend before it is aired to honor her memory and other victims of violence? Candles could be sold & NBC could be asked to match (or quadruple) the proceeds? Just an idea to call attention to the exploitation and sensationalization of Mias death by NBC.

  3. Just more trashy exploitative “entertainment”, this time featuring the tragic death of Ms. Zapata. When will our society get enough of the lurid and start to show some respect for others, not to mention themselves? Boycott NBC and any company that has ads on their station.