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 Bobbi Rich – DJ & Variety Show Host

IMG_7190What are some local bands you’d love to feature on Hangin Tuff? What are some well known bands you’d dream to make an appearance?

Oh man…. there are so many: Chastity Belt, Vince Mira, Lozen, TacocaT, Prom Queen, Your Young Body, Pony Time, Country Lips, Fox Hunt, Wounded Giant, Kairos, Katie Kate, The Wimps, and Thaddeus Turner to name more than a few.

The show is committed to featuring up and coming indie artists, so you’ll never see like a Katy Perry or something on it. BUT we do wish to have older artist who serve as inspirations, ones you may not see in the lime light as much any more. I’d love to have Grace Jones and Kate Bush on the show. I’d probably need a guest host though as I may not be able to even talk if Grace Jones was on, I would just stare at her with my jaw dropped. And Kate Bush… I would immediately challenge to a interpretive dance / lyrical jazz dance off that I know I would lose but would die trying to win.

We’d like to keep our home base in Seattle and feature local artist as well as ones that are visiting the city on tour. Shannon And The Clams for example, they’re out of SF, and are one of my favorites right now. We also have big dreams of taking our Hot Tub Boat & show on the road to other cities, and really bring you the best new up and comers from those places as well.

Watch the first episode of Hangin Tuff and donate to its indiegogo here. The first season will premier in its entirety at Central Cinema Thursday Feb 6th.

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5 thoughts on “Hillebrity | Bobbi Rich

  1. Seems like I caught the conversation half way through. There doesn’t appear to be any real explanation of who Bobbi Rich is, nor the how or what ‘Hangin’ Tuff’ is.

    • Hi Alan, I’m Bobbi Rich. I’m a local DJ here in Seattle amongst many other things. I’ve been working the past 10 months on a music variety show called Hangin Tuff! It’s a fun campy show where we interview up and coming bands in hot tub boats on lake union. You can learn more about it here:

      We just release our first episode to get folks excited. We will be releasing the rest of season one at our premier at Central Cinema on Feb 6th.

      Hope to see you there!