Man charged in Seattle U stabbing and robbery

Prosecutors have charged a 23-year-old suspect in a nearly deadly robbery attempt and stabbing on the Seattle University campus earlier this month.

CHS was the first to report on the mugging and stabbing incident that put 23-year-old student Geoff Vincent in the hospital with life-threatening injuries in the early morning January 15th attack near 10th and Marion. Police arrested three suspects after swarming the area and searching with the K9 unit. Two of the suspects were teenagers. The other, 23-year-old Brandon Pamon now faces first degree robbery charges in the attack.

Prosecutors last week said they were weighing charges against the male teen in the attack who was 15 at the time of the incident. Because the suspect was 15 at the time of the incident, he may be tried as a juvenile and not an adult.

According to the charging documents, Pamon was convicted for a 2008 residential burglary and multiple misdemeanor crimes as an adult. His juvenile record includes multiple felony convictions. Since turning 18, Pamon has been booked at least 11 times and had five warrants issued for his arrest, prosecutors said.

According to police, the victim said the suspects began following him near 10th and Pike as he walked back to the Seattle U campus around 1 AM that morning. Vincent told police he was jumped as he entered campus and said tried to fight back and drew a knife when he saw one of the suspects carrying a blade as they violently knocked him to the ground and began beating and robbing him. In the subsequent fight, Vincent was stabbed, piercing his heart and lung. After hospitalization, Vincent is back on his feet, according to his Twitter feed.


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7 thoughts on “Man charged in Seattle U stabbing and robbery

  1. S.U. & Seattle Police MUST get a control on this situation….

    Because the increase in the frequency and brutality of the crimes taking place on Campus must be alarming for all…. And I can’t imagine S.U. ignoring these attacks, yet the crimes continue to happen…

  2. I hope the young one is tried as an adult. He looks to be on the same track as the older felon. How many strikes should one be allowed?

  3. With an unprovoked crime this serious, I can’t help but react with: “lock ’em up and throw away the key.” At the very least, the older guy….with his many felony convictions…should get a lot of jail time. Hopefully, he will qualify for “three strikes and you’re out.”

    Glad to hear the victim is recovering.

  4. Yes incarcerate the monsters that learn early they can just take, take, and take (in many cases with deadly force) and keep the general law abiding population safe. I am quite sure the stabbing victim and his family don’t think of this these perps as a tragedy, quite the opposite really.