NY man mugged on Capitol Hill says he has thieves’ selfies

Police want to talk to this guy (Image: Q13)

Police want to talk to this guy (Image: Q13)

A New York tourist’s fun on Capitol Hill took a nasty turn earlier this month when he ended up passed out and robbed on the sidewalk. But the bad guys might not get away with this one. Brazen thieves plus cloud technology have put pictures of the suspects in the assault and robbery into the hands of Seattle Police.

According to the SPD report on the incident, a suspect was seen rifling through a man’s pockets after he had fallen on the sidewalk in the 1400 block of Minor Ave early on the morning of Monday, January 13th.

The New York man said he was partying at the Baltic Room that night and believes he was drugged. He said somebody hit him in the head and knocked him to the sidewalk as his wallet, phone and a Cartier watch were taken. His hotel room key was also gone. According to the SPD report, the victim was escorted back to the hotel by police.

But the man told a Seattle TV station that hotel surveillance also showed one of the suspects entering his room and stealing an iPad and another computer.

When the victim later got a new phone and fired it up, he found that the suspects had taken pictures of themselves on one of the stolen devices and the images had been uploaded to his account. The victim provided the pictures to police who are now working to track down the perpetrators.

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One thought on “NY man mugged on Capitol Hill says he has thieves’ selfies

  1. What an unfortunate situation but a good reminder why situational awareness is important, especially when you’re on vacation. I assume he had the keycard envelope with the room number written on it. I always rip that up and throw it away. You never want your room key associated to a room number.