One year ago this week on Capitol Hill

Here are the top CHS posts from this week in 2013:8446963396_51bf9e23d5_o

  1. After one year on Broadway, Capitol Hill’s Five Fish shuts it down
  2. 12th and Pine liquor store up for grabs, again
  3. ‘Sale of the year’ — Preservation-minded developer scores two more pieces of Hill’s auto row past
  4. Feel like Capitol Hill’s crime has gotten worse? This time, you’re probably right
  5. Light rail + streetcar update: Broadway extension survey, tunnel tour, 520 tracks?
  6. 180 Polyclinic employees moving ‘Capitol Hill’ style — 2 blocks from E Pike to Broadway
  7. Woman reports scary gunpoint robbery at 20th and Mercer
  8. Defense asking for bail, home detention in Yancy Noll murder case
  9. School has work cut out for it putting light rail land to use for 105-foot Broadway tower
  10. Hats off to Brocklind’s for 106 years of dressing up Seattle
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