Bus Stop | The 2

CHS Bus Stop - East Union St and Broadway - Westbound - Bus #2

King County Metro Route 2 is a peculiar, twisting beast connecting Queen Anne with, of all places, Madrona. It passes through an edge of Capitol Hill here on E Union at Broadway as the route makes its way downtown before climbing past the Seattle Center and toward Queen Anne.

By the way, the County Council will be listening to public comment on proposed Metro fare changes. CHS wrote about the plan to save local service despite Olympia’s gridlock here.

The Metropolitan King County Council will take public testimony on legislation that would increase transit rider fares as part of an overall package to maintain Metro Transit Service levels.

Tuesday, February 18
1:30 p.m.
County Council Chambers
King County Courthouse, 10th floor

The meeting will be carried LIVE on King County TV, seen on Comcast and Wave Cable Channel 22.

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7 thoughts on “Bus Stop | The 2

  1. Does anyone have any idea why the Gilda’s Club “Monticello” building always seems to be hit up with graffiti tagging? I’ve seen it being repainted several times to cover tagging, but wondered why the taggers seem to choose this building. Tagging is always (IMO) an ugly thing to do to any property, but wondered why this occupied building gets hit so often.

  2. I would describe the 2 as connecting Madrona and Queen Anne to downtown. It is not connecting Madrona to Queen Anne. Logistically, it probably makes sense to route the bus that way rather than having the busses turnaround downtown. It is probably no different than the 10 and 12 being the same bus.

  3. During the 37 years that I have lived in the CD, I have come to understand the 2 as one of the most productive, useful routes in the city. From Madrona Beach, Madrona, through the CD, Broadway and the Hill, Harvard Market, Seneca and First Hill, light rail, downtown, transfers at Virginia and 3rd, Belltown, Seattle Center, and Queen Anne. One of the most productive and important routes that serve people both in everyday life for employment, shopping, errands, meetings, entertainment, and appointments.

  4. I used to ride to the 2 every morning at 5am to be at work by 5:30. I live about a mile away from the stop in 20th and union but It was the only bus that got me downtown in time. It was the same group every day, same driver, ( it took her about a year to warm up to me). One day the bus was uncharacteristically late, at about 5:10 I called for a cab when a white SUV with 3 passengers in it pulled up to the bus stop very quickly, thinking I was about to get robbed, the window unrolled and the driver said “get in”. I was confused, it was early, I looked at the passengers, they looked familiar but I couldn’t place them. Then I realized that it was the regulars from the 5am number 2 bus and our bus driver driving her personal vehicle. As we were rdriving the route we drove by 1 other regular as the bus driver stated ” I don’t like that one, she smells weird”, we picked up 1 more regular and she dropped us at our normal stops in 3rd ave. She never explained why she was driving her car, I assume the bus was broken in some way, and the next day picked us all up in the bus like nothing ever happened.
    It was bizarre.

    • Haha, that’s an awesome story. I can totally see it. The joys of city living and public transit. In Seattle. Thanks for sharing.

      I’ll often take the 2 from downtown to an appointment in Madrona. Either that or the 3. There are always a ton of people getting off at the hospitals in the early afternoon. It seems to serve all types of populations in this city. I’d agree that it’s useful, though it is hard to make those long, snaking routes be consistent.