Following Capitol Hill start, city extending parklet pilot program

The E Olive Way parklet under construction last summer (Image: CHS)

The E Olive Way parklet under construction last summer (Image: CHS)

There will be at least five more. The Seattle Department of Transportation has put out a call for applicants for five additional parklet trial permits to continue testing the use of street parking spots as public open spaces paid for and supported by local businesses.

Guided by successful programs in other cities, City Hall gave the go ahead to Seattle’s first parklet that opened last summer on E Olive Way in front of Montana. A Belltown parklet on 2nd Ave has also been approved while a Kickstarter to help fund an International District parklet reached its $12,000 goal last month.

The E Olive Way parklet exemplifies planners’ hopes for the projects. Though it is located in a neighborhood where on street parking is considered a premium, local businesses in the area involved in the parklet were willing to trade two parking spots  for a more universally available asset for customers and neighbors. “90% of my customers are pedestrians,” Montana’s Rachel Marshall told assembled media as the parklet was prepared for opening last summer.

The extended pilot program “will allow SDOT to evaluate parklets in diverse neighborhoods and conditions before making recommendations on a permanent program,” according to the announcement. To apply, interested parklet creators must submit “a simple site plan showing the ideas for your parklet, collect at least two letters of support from businesses or residents near the proposed parklet, snap a few photos of the parklet location, and write a paragraph or two explaining why you want to host a parklet.”

Check out the Seattle Pilot Parklet Program web site for more information.

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4 thoughts on “Following Capitol Hill start, city extending parklet pilot program

  1. The E Olive Way parklet seems neglected. Dead grasses and generally unloved. Hopefully the other examples are better cared for.

  2. I drive by that parklet on E Olive Way frequently, and have yet to see a single person using it. What a waste of two good parking spaces, in an area where parking is at a premium.

    • Right now it’s winter, so use of any park is reduced. Before winter started, I used the park, and many more like me did too. It’s not by any means the best designed, either – different places will have different numbers of users.