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What’s your ideal Valentine’s date & what song would soundtrack it?

Brighton: I spent Valentine’s Day two years ago, dancing to Whitney Houston, handing out Micheal Jordan Valentines and puking up tequila, in that order. I don’t ever think I’ll beat that one. That was the best. The hangover was the worst though…

Jude: We would take work off on Friday, drive to the ocean, ride surfboards all day and fall asleep listening to “Ladies and Gentlemen we are Floating in Space” by Spiritualized.

Bryn: I feel like I’m in an issue of Teenbeat.. Is that still a magazine? I’m not gonna lie, I am a total hopeless romantic so this is probably going to be very cheesy…or very helpful. Ideal date: 1. Cocktails at a cute bar–sets the mood for the evening. We get to relax & spend more time talking than we will the rest of the night because we’ll either be eating or doing it (not a lot of room for talking) 2. Dinner time–somewhere we never usually go, but we love and is always really special when we do. 3. Dessert– my favorite part! Go somewhere fancier because in all reality it won’t be that expensive for a couple of coffees and two superb desserts. Whitney Houston’s “I Wanna Dance with Somebody” would be the soundtrack song.

Erin: Honestly, just something as simple as a dance party with my boo in our PJ’s to Duke Dumont’s “I Got U”

Wishbeard plays Vignette’s Love Party at Love City Love on Valentine’s Day. Doors at 7pm.

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