KIRO: New Neighbours arson evidence could lead to hate crime charge

Screen Shot 2014-02-17 at 9.21.52 AMWith fresh court documents in their possession, KIRO has reported that prosecutors may have a case to charge suspected Neighbours nightclub arsonist Musab Musmari with a hate crime. KIRO reports the documents include details of a “confidential informant” who told investigators Musmari said homosexuals should be “exterminated”:

According to the documents, Masmari first met the informant at Fatima’s Cafe near the Masjid at Taqwa Mosque on Seattle’s East Union Street, shortly after the fire at Neighbours.

The informant contacted the FBI soon after meeting Masmari because he was “concerned” that Masmari “may be planning some terrorist activity” because he spoke of “something he’s planning.”   The informant told investigators that Masmari told him “he had obtained a rifle.”

The unidentified informant also said that, in the numerous conversations after their first meeting, Masmari often expressed a “distaste for homosexual people,” and that Masmari “opined that homosexuals should be exterminated.”

The KIRO documents appear to be connected to a search warrant affidavit in the case not yet widely available due to the long holiday weekend. CHS has not been able to review the document to see if there is any other evidence documented beyond the statements of the confidential informant reported by KIRO.

Musmari, also known as Masmari according to various court records, has been charged with one count of first degree arson in the fire attack during a crowded New Year’s celebration at the Capitol Hill nightclub. He is scheduled to enter his plea later this week.

The full KIRO video report is below.

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