Natural causes to blame for man’s death outside Capitol Hill Panera

The man who was found dead outside the Broadway Panera the afternoon of February 20th died of heart disease, according to the King County Medical Examiners office. Officials identified the man as 53-year-old Akuila Tuvulase.

Tuvulase was found with a large gash on his head at the bottom of the stairs of in an alleyway between Panera and a Seattle Central Community College building. One of the first people on the scene was a Game Stop employee who told CHS he found the man facedown, unconscious, and unresponsive.

CHS found a Federal Way address listed under Tuvulase’s name.

3 thoughts on “Natural causes to blame for man’s death outside Capitol Hill Panera

  1. Thanks for the follow up. Turns out that this is scarier for me than something criminal being involved. I’m 53, have history & the Docs have been working me about my heart health for several years. Now I’m REALLY gonna avoid those stairs! :-,) TFIC (Tongue Firmly In Cheek)

    Blessings Akuila and may your family’s grief be eased.

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