Police investigate reported Capitol Hill rape

Seattle Police sexual assault detectives are investigating a reported attack of a Capitol Hill woman early last Saturday morning.

According to SPD, police were called to an E Thomas apartment Saturday morning to investigate the reported sex assault and robbery:

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The Seattle Times is reporting an account of the attack provided by the woman’s boyfriend that details an assault by two unknown men in an alley “somewhere between Boylston and Harvard” as she walked from E Pine —

The 21-year-old woman had left Hot Mama’s Pizza, on East Pine Street, around 2 a.m. apparently in search of a restroom, said her boyfriend, who was with her along with other friends. The restrooms used by the late-night pizza shop are closed around 10 p.m. because of security concerns, according to an employee.

The employee said the restrooms, when open, are complicated to get to and require walking into the building’s parking garage.

When the woman failed to return, her boyfriend and other friends searched for her.

The boyfriend told the Times the woman arrived home around 3 AM and reported she had been raped and her phone, passport and credit cards had been stolen. According to SPD, an officer arrived soon after to document the attack and fraudulent use of the credit cards.

There is no physical description of the suspects available. The victim’s boyfriend said the woman told police the attackers were in their 20s and “the two spoke to each other in a foreign language she did not recognize.” SPD has not yet provided further details about the attack or the suspects.

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7 thoughts on “Police investigate reported Capitol Hill rape

  1. It’s not her boyfriend’s or friends’ fault she was raped. It’s the rapist’s fault. While in general there are ways that could statistically help with safety, statistics don’t apply one to one in a specific situation. Maybe she was able to fight back or yell or sunbathing and saved her life. Also consider the many rapes that occur indoors during the day. Its not all about scary alleys. It’s rapists wherever they are. I wish her healing. It will take time. Thankfully she had the strength to report it.

  2. I don’t understand how there can be no description of the perps.

    Perhaps Hot Mama’s needs to rethink its bathroom policy after this attack.

  3. SPD. Find these perps. This is horribly frightening to those of us who live, work, grow up and play here. These two cretins are not from around here guaranteed. They took full advantage of an unfortunate situation where the boyfriend should have been present.(drinking aside) This is a very safe neighborhood however the bars/clubs bring troublemakers from other areas and this should not be forgotten. Ever. Watch eachothers backs kids! Condolences to all and FIND THOSE PERPS SPD.