Snow Battle in Cal-Anderson

Louography_-4-of-11Like any good Photographer when the snow started to fall on Capitol Hill this Saturday evening I grabbed my camera and went to find any excitement I could document. As i combed the Pike and Pine corridor and worked my way back around into Cal- Anderson i started to hear whoops and yells coming from the tennis ball courts,  in the distance i could see snow balls sailing over the fence and into the street behind the park.  As i drew closer i could hear some less than polite yelling, and I realized the snow balls weren’t as friendly as most.  When i approached the court I saw a group of people on the court arguing with a group of bros on the street.  It was clear that the people on the court where the good guys and the bros across the battle lines must be defeated via frozen projectiles.  The warriors of the tennis court fought gallantly, until the vial bros where defeated.  When the group of bros made their escape the heroines cheered and high fived in gallant victory.  As I walked away one yelled “CAPITOL HILL BLOG!” to me.  Yep.  Here you are, you brave champions!


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