Blotter| E Pike homeless assault, First Hill video shoot gun scare, messy Broadway car prowl spree

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  • Homeless man beaten in E Pike assault: A man attempting to sleep next to a building at 10th and E Pike suffered a hand injury in an unprovoked attack last Thursday. According to the SPD report on the incident, the victim was unable to tell officers what had occurred as he woke up to the pain of the assault but a witness who saw the attack from nearby provided police with details of the 7:45 PM incident:
    Screen Shot 2014-03-12 at 12.02.52 PMThere were no immediate arrests in the incident.
  • Broadway bank robbery suspect has long criminal record: The man alleged to have held up the Wells Fargo inside the Broadway Market before being captured by police minutes later when he fled to the nearby Summit Ave Top Pot is well known to police. We count 52 different criminal cases involving the suspect in King County and the City of Seattle since the early 2000s. His most recent arrests stem from less serious crimes including trespassing but he was also hauled in for investigation of felony harassment last August. The 38-year-old remains jailed for investigation of robbery.
  • Video “shoot” scare on First Hill: SPD rushed to 8th and Madison Monday afternoon to a report of a man with a rifle crouching on top of a roof. Police arrived to find a music video shoot underway. The Stranger says you can blame rapper Suntonio Bandanaz.
  • 17/Pike car theft: A thief had an easy time making off with a 2006 Chevy Impala Tuesday afternoon near 17th and Pike after the keys were left in the car’s ignition. The owner called police just after 3 PM to report the theft. Police were looking for the gray vehicle but it was not immediately located.
  • Victim beaten in I-5 camper dispute: A dispute among people living under the Denny overpass spilled onto the streets last Thursday night as police were called to Yale Ave beneath I-5 to a report that a male was being beat with a skateboard and metal pipe. Witnesses said the 7 PM dispute involved personal issues among campers and a confrontation over a previous argument:Screen Shot 2014-03-12 at 11.57.32 AM

A passerby looks on at some of the mess left by an alleged car prowler at the northbound 49 bus stop on Broadway at Harrison.

  • Broadway car prowl mess: A suspected car prowler who may have hit multiple vehicles Tuesday evening left a messy, dramatic and perhaps telling trail of evidence along Broadway.

The incident began around 7:30 PM at the 49 bus stop in the 400 block of Broadway E. School assignments, wide-ruled paper, binders, shattered glass from a mirror, keys and various shards of metal decorated the sidewalk and street like confetti, fanning out from where a backpack, gym bag and other items sat near a bus stop bench.

The bags and some of the other items at the scene were allegedly plundered out of an SUV parked on Broadway. A Seattle group of four was dining nearby when the SUV was looted, they said. At the epicenter of the mess of discarded, apparent, loot sat an abandoned bottle of white wine, a punched-in cork floating in the remaining third of its contents.

It appeared that at least one allegedly heisted Girl Scout cookie may have been left behind in the shuffle

As for stealing burritos? That trend is so last week, it seems. “He even ate my Girl Scout cookies,” dead-panned the eight-grader whose backpack and gym bag were apparently stolen out of the SUV.

At least one apparently heisted cookie, however, was left behind at the scene.

The alleged car prowler and stolen-goods flinger was seen carrying the open bottle of wine left at the scene of the bus-stop mess while going about some of his “work,” multiple eye witnesses told CHS. Several eye witnesses told CHS the alleged bandit appeared to be ‘drunk,’ ‘high,’ or ‘out of it.’

An eyewitness told CHS that after rifling through one apparent haul at the bus stop, and wildly discarding unwanted items on to the sidewalk and street — creating the dramatic mess shown in the picture above — the suspected car prowler walked south down Broadway attempting to open doors of parked cars. He reportedly succeeded at entering at least one additional vehicle, and removed bags from it as well. The witness told CHS the suspect then returned to the same bus stop, trampling through the mess he had made minutes or less previously and boarding the 49 going north in an apparent Metro-bus get-away attempt.

A man in the group of four said he thought the SUV was locked at the time the robbery occurred. No windows or door handles were broken, and there were no other immediate signs of a forced break-in, he said.

After discovering their belongings were missing, the group began a search, and soon spotted the mess at the Broadway and Harrison bus stop, and retrieved and salvaged what they could.

Police arrived about an hour later after some apparent confusion about whether the victim group had hung around to report the crime.

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3 thoughts on “Blotter| E Pike homeless assault, First Hill video shoot gun scare, messy Broadway car prowl spree

  1. A music video with assault rifles and tactical clothing? Seriously? WTF is wrong w/ our pop culture when this is the kind of shit recording “artists” use to represent their music. This is just plain sick and unhealthy.

  2. an HOUR later?! WTF?! Do we HAVE police or just a mess of donut eating idiots?

    Inexcusable for them to take that long to finally show up.