Bus Stop | The 10

CHS Bus Stop - Bus 10 - E Pine St and Belmont Ave - Westbound

The hardworking Route 10 might be the most Capitol Hill of all King County routes. Running every 10 minutes during peak hours, the trolley bus line connects the east to the central to the west and through to downtown while passing by both Volunteer and Cal Anderson Park. With the days of its muddled dual identity behind it, the 10 still trundles riders from the 15th Ave E village, the Pike/Pine core and Broadway back and forth across the Hill. There are routes that may cover more ground but none that covers more of the heart of Capitol Hill.

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3 thoughts on “Bus Stop | The 10

  1. Also of note that the 10 is one of the shortest routes and has the least number of turns of probably any route in that it goes along 3rd Avenue for a short bit then heads east on Pike Street then a short jog north on Bellevue Ave, east on Pine Street then turns north on 15th Avenue East and ends at East Galer Street and returns the same way except takes Pine Street all the way into downtown.

    Outbound it’s 3rd Ave/Pike Street/Bellevue Ave/East Pine Street/15th Ave.

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