Capitol Hill dealership named top place to buy your next Ferrari… in the world


The last dealership on Capitol Hill is award winning (Image: Ferrari of Seattle)

Capitol Hill’s auto row has been transformed into a food and drink entertainment district but one holdout from the vroom vroom past has just been recognized as a leader in luxury automobile retailing.

12th and Union’s Ferrari of Seattle dealership has been named “Ferrari Top Dealer- World Champion 2013.” According to the announcement, the award is “based on a combination of factors including sales volumes, market penetration, client satisfaction and local marketing initiatives.”

Last March, CHS reported that the Ferrari and Maserati dealer was planning to stay and invest in an upgrade at the Capitol Hill location it has called home since 1999 even as other dealerships up and down Pike/Pine moved off the Hill. In October, we learned the dealership’s owners had purchased the former Callahan’s Auto Shop near 14th and Madison for $2.25 million. Ferrari general manager Tino Perrina told CHS he was still exploring options for the space, which could include a new showroom or a service area. He also said a major redevelopment project — like the ones underway throughout Pike/Pine including across the street from the 12th Ave Ferrari showroom – was probably not in the cards. No building permits are currently on file for the E Madison location.

In 2009, CHS talked to Perrina about the likelihood of the dealership remaining on the Hill. Though he admitted to challenges the dealership was facing because of the economic downturn, Perrina said the family business had no plans to cash in the valuable property and move the dealership. “It’s business as usual,” says Perrina. “We’re doing well and have no plans to move.”

Today, the dealership and garage at 12th and Union continues to supply a parade of fancy cars rolling through the neighborhood even as new developments like the Viva Capitol Hill building across the street fill in.

As part of the award, the Capitol Hill dealership will receive a congratulatory visit from one of Ferrari’s “famed Formula 1 racing cars in early 2014,” which will be on display for public viewing.

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24 thoughts on “Capitol Hill dealership named top place to buy your next Ferrari… in the world

  1. I’ve bought a couple of Ferraris at this location, and I can attest that it went smoother here than at the other locations where I’ve purchased.

  2. Serious question time. I get that these are exclusive, finely crafts machines. But how does one drive something that spendy and ridiculously ostentatious without being completely embarrassed? Or do owners seriously just not realize the inherent douchiness of a six-figure car?

      • I agree Tim! The Prius is part of the green technologies scam, and is just one more instance of a burgeois mentality that ignorantly believes they are being more responsible about resource consumption. They are both part of an inevitable decline in sustainability. In conclusion, both big douches.

      • I don’t drive a Prius. But the idea that if I did, I’d be an equal or bigger douche than someone who drives a Ferrari is just ridiculous. Thanks for the laugh, and for confirming my bias about the kind of person who patronizes this dealership.

      • I agree, Yaya! Yes, some Prius owners are smug, but at least they are doing their part to save energy and carbon consumption. They are hardly in the same ballpark as Ferrari owners, who use a huge amount of gas as they tool around in their super-expensive vehicles and show off their wealth.

      • You’re making the same assumptions now about Ferrari buyers, that he is about Prius owners.

        But hey, great to see a small local business doing well, right? ;-)

    • I don’t think a Ferrari has “inherent douchiness.” Sure, some owners may buy it solely for the status symbol. However, I bet many owners purchase them because they are fond of cars and enjoy driving a premium sports car. I don’t think this is much different than a road biker spending over $5k on a bicycle. While it is totally unnecessary and could be considered a status symbol, the owner may truly find great joy in the bike itself.

    • Thankfully, humans get to make their own choices and not worry what Yaya (or much less care) thinks. Beautiful cars, and I say if you can afford one, get one, you only get one chance at this life.

  3. was voted the best website to load your Orca card e-purse with dollars in order to ride the bus to work and/or the food bank. Thankfully. I’m not ostentatious enough to let anyone see me ride the bus while I’m riding the bus. I have class.

  4. The Perrina family have been benefactors on Capitol Hill for many years. You would be surprised at their contributions to strengthen the business community on the Hill.

  5. Sure, Ferraris are expensive toys, attainable only by individuals who collect large incomes, but that doesn’t mean the dealership or the machines deserve the ire of the 99%. If you want to gripe about cars on the Hill or the impact of automotive culture in general, exotic sports cars represent a very tiny slice of the problem. You’d be more justified in criticizing the widespread, daily use of mopeds and scooters, which have virtually no emissions controls, before denigrating a modern car that’s driven, in most cases, no more than a few thousand miles a year. Think of the dealership as an art gallery for aficionadoes of extraordinarily complex and powerful pieces of mechanical art. This isn’t where people get their daily drivers.

    • That makes much sense to me, and I don’t disagree that critique of car culture and our grossly inefficient, poisonous, and deadly urban and inter-urban design in general is what’s warranted.

      But that doesn’t exactly mean that the Ferrari and what it stands for as a symbol isn’t worthy of disdain.

    • If somebody earns 25-gazillion $$ a year, donates $10-gazillion/year (40%) to charity, then buys a $100k car with some of the $15-gazillion they have left– are they still a douchebag? Are they a bigger douchebag than one who earns $75k a year, buys a Prius, and donates 2% of their annual income to charity? Why do you presume that everyone who earns, or has, a shitpile of $$ is necessarily selfish?

  6. They are cars designed for use on Italian freeways. Not the hilly Seattle area. I see these cars in Downtown traffic once or twice a year. I can’t imagine anyone wanting to show off their expensive car on a sunny weekend trying to avoid the pot holes of Capitol Hill. I think they drive them all to Alki beach or the East side.

  7. No one is a smug as a dude on a bicycle with a MMJ card. ya’ll trip pin mane.

    …Meanwhile fake ass crust punks are blocking the buses to Microsoft and Amazon filled with low level employees on a monday morning. They are most likely working for the people that can afford these cars and everyone wants to talk about how Capitol Chill is gentrified.

  8. aston martin is way hotter, and fits the hill style better. too bad the dealership is in bellevue. in the meantime i’ll settle for my unassuming lexus.

  9. Imagine the sales tax they bring in on a $250,000 car. That’s close to $25k, and a portion of that sales tax stays in Seattle. Better to have the money in Seattle than on the eastside.