City Hall wants to know your thoughts on Comcast

Screen Shot 2014-03-27 at 8.30.54 PMWe’re guessing you might have a few:

The current Comcast Franchise agreement expires in 2016. In preparation for renegotiating the franchise agreement, The City of Seattle gathers information regarding your preferences and needs for television and Internet services provided by Comcast.

You can share those thoughts here.

Though the city notes:

The City cannot require or regulate:
1. Cable TV subscriber fees, except for the most basic Limited tier which currently costs approximately $17.90 per month;
2. A la carte cable channels;
3. Internet prices or minimum speeds. Internet services are regulated by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC);
4. Telephone services and/or fees. Telephone services are regulated by the State of Washington.

Still, here’s your chance to share.

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10 thoughts on “City Hall wants to know your thoughts on Comcast

  1. Way to make a survey that is geared to support a one sided view, gov. There wasn’t even a commentary box.

    If Murray really wants to fix the franchise agreement, he will remove the area monopolies these companies have. Depending on where I move, I couldn’t get comcast or wave broadband even if they are wired to work there based on these agreements.

    • I’m not sure what link you followed, but i found several commentary boxes in the course of the survey.

      What they don’t have is an explanation telling me what, if not fees, speeds, or options, they can regulate and why they are asking about them. If everyone said they were unhappy with Comcast’s fees and service, what then?

  2. I know the corporate iconoclasts always shut this idea down, but why can’t the city provide cable and Internet? Chatanooga did it, for crissakes! City Light owns all the poles, and we own City Light. They can do the billing and connections, and hire some tech company to do the back end stuff.

    Our forebearers started City Light because PSE was the Comcast of their day. Are we so friggin milquetoast that we can’t even consider doing something as revolutionary?

    • Oops, make that “corporate classists”. I don’t know how my spellcheck and I managed to come up with iconoclast ;-)

  3. What Comcast needs is competition. I am very tired of losing services, sometimes for a whole day, and the fact that Comcast does not see fit to reimburse its customers for the inconvenience. If they were made to do this, I believe that their system would improve. As it functions currently, Comcast is much more focused on recruiting customers than on service.

  4. Similar to the minimum tier cable TV pricing, it would be nice to have minimum tier internet pricing. The current price is too high, plain and simple.