Fleeing high rent in Bellevue, Oma Bap lands at 12th and Cherry

(Image: Oma Bap)

(Image: Oma Bap)

Bellevue’s loss is 12th and Cherry’s gain. Hungry Seattle U students — and the rest of us — will soon have “a contemporary fast casual Korean” restaurant alternative as Oma Bap is slated to move into The Douglas student housing development.

The popular eatery debuted in downtown Bellevue in spring 2011 but was forced to shutter this fall when owner Peter Pak said he was unable to negotiate a lease with his Eastside landlord. The fast-food style restaurant offers “Korean-inspired” cuisine including a menu of bibimbap. It will serve beer and wine and be open for breakfast, lunch and dinner, seven days a week.

(Image: Oma Bap)

(Image: Oma Bap)

The restaurant moves onto E Cherry as rents in central Capitol Hill — and apparently downtown Bellevue — remain sky high. The Douglas is also home to Cherry Street Coffee with Ba Bar just across the street. The 12th Avenue Square park project is also ready to break ground in the area. Oma Bap joins a cluster of lower-priced restaurants catering to the Seattle U student population that include a mix of national chains and ethnic eateries. It will also provide a back-up for anybody craving Broadway’s funky and much-loved Kimchi Bistro who finds themselves south of Madison.

Oma Bap is also moving into a city that is considering a boost to its minimum wage that many restaurant owners in the city have said would be crippling. There is no structured push for raising the minimum in Bellevue — yet.

There’s also no word, yet, on Oma Bap’s opening date but stay tuned. You can learn more at omabap.com. UPDATE: Owner Pak says to expect the new restaurant to open in June.

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11 thoughts on “Fleeing high rent in Bellevue, Oma Bap lands at 12th and Cherry

  1. There’s a nice change! People coming to CH for lower rents! Maybe we aren’t the high rent capitol of the universe after all.

  2. I didn’t know this was a real restaurant. I see them at building 50.

    Their food at Microsoft is actually pretty crummy for the high price (the picture here is much better than what they actually serve, e.g. a real egg).

    Does anyone know if the restaurant is better?

  3. This is a good restaurant for inexpensive, tasty food. Sorry to lose it from Bellevue but happy to welcome it here!

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