Garfield High claims state basketball championship

(Image: @wiaawa)

(Image: @wiaawa)

Garfield High School, Capitol Hill’s public high school, claimed its first boys state basketball championship in 16 years Saturday as the Bulldogs defeated Richland 68-59:

Tramaine Isabell scored a tournament-high 34 points to lead Garfield to a 68-59 victory over Richland to claim its first Class 4A boys state championship since 1998.

Isabell forced the action by repeatedly attacking the basket for Garfield. Isabell converted just five field goals, four coming via 3-pointers, but made it to the free throw line 16 times in the game. Garfield converted more free throws (20 of 30) than Richland attempted in the game (13 of 18).

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13 thoughts on “Garfield High claims state basketball championship

  1. Garfield is located, yes, in the CD. I belongs to families of Montlake, Capitol Hill, Madrona, Leschi, Central District, Judkins, Squire Park, Garfield Community Council, Madison Valley etc. Remember the CD is also a collection of neighborhoods as is Capitol Hill to some extent.

  2. It was a mistake to try to define it as one or the other, especially since the CD News is gone and it can’t be posted there too.

    • You’re misreading. I wasn’t defining it only as a Capitol Hill high school but as the only public HS that serves Capitol Hill. Not everyone is as familiar with community elements like schools so wanted to make sure people know why we are posting about Garfield.

  3. Why did you mention it as Capitol Hill’s high school? That could be assumed. With the closing of CD News there would be some common sense in mentioning it as a school that serves both if you bring neighborhoods into the conversation. What would it mean for the area directly abutting Garfield to become South Capitol Hill? What does the CD mean beyond the past historical context? I often wonder which definitions most empower the residents now. How do we have a voice? Those questions among others will always be present. If you don’t want to stir those types of discussions in a post about Garfield, you will make it about Garfield only or at least mention that it is the high school serving both.

    • Oh, Jesus Christ, take a Qualuude already. Talk about sucking all the fun out of the room.

      Congrats to the Garfield team, who couldn’t probably care less where you think their school should be located.