Hillebrity | Dillon Sturtevant & Lindsay Powers

 Dillon Sturtevant & Lindsay Powers — Camp Directors

IMG_7578What can campers expect to experience during the best of the northwest week at your Music and Movement camp?

Local Seattle Artists Week/Best of the Northwest is one of our favorite weeks because we get to teach kids about the city they are growing up in and the rich musical history right here in their town! The movement portion focuses on martial arts to honor local legends Bruce and Brandon Lee, making a real life connection by visiting their grave sites.  All week long we talk about Jimi Hendrix, Pearl Jam, and of course Nirvana as well as other local legends. We take a trip to Volunteer Park to visit the infamous donut shaped sculpture that Soundgarden named their hit “Black Hole Sun” after. The kids really get into the music the same way we got into the same music as kids, it’s simply a good time.

For more information and summer camp enrollment check out the Music and Movements website.

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