Police search for suspect in 12th/Jefferson shooting — UPDATE

A female victim was found shot in the parking lot of the AM/PM market at 12th and Jefferson and police were searching for a gunman seen fleeing the area late Friday night.

Police and Seattle Fire were called to the area around 11:17 PM to a report that one shot had been fired and a female was down. Arriving officers found the victim alert and conscious, according to East Precinct radio dispatches.

A male suspect was seen fleeing the area with a handgun and police were spread throughout the are near the Seattle University campus as K9 unit worked to find a track.

UPDATE: Here is the report from SPD on the incident adding new details and confirming our initial reporting–

Shooting suspect being sought. On 3/28/14, just shortly after 11:00 p.m., the 23-year-old victim and her boyfriend were on their way home from a restaurant and stopped at the AM/PM for gas in the 400 block of 12th AVE.

The female victim pulled alongside a gas pump and got out while her boyfriend stayed in the passenger seat of the car. As she was walking to the rear of the vehicle, she was shot one time in the buttocks area.

It is believed based on the information gathered that she was not the intended target of the gunshot, but was inadvertently hit. According to witnesses a possible shooter ran westbound from the scene. Containment was set up and a K9 track was conducted but the suspect was not located.

The victim was transported to HMC with non-life threatening injuries. The suspect is still outstanding. The Gang Unit processed the scene and will conduct the follow up investigation.

Street robbery at E John and 19th
Police are investigating a street robbery reported late Friday night near the bus stop at 19th and John. According to radio dispatches, a couple called police at 11:42 PM to report a man had grabbed their purse and ran to a waiting four-door sedan that sped from the area. There were no reported injuries and no immediate arrests.

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4 thoughts on “Police search for suspect in 12th/Jefferson shooting — UPDATE

  1. We live across the street. We saw 3 ambulances leave the Chevron station (former AM/PM), but personally only saw one person loaded. There is a sedan there with the driver’s side window shot out. We heard a “boom”, not a typical handgun “pop pop”. Police reported to us that witnesses are not talking.

    • Me too Derp. We could have shot each other in the ass to help out. Seriously though, it didn’t dawn on me until walking the dog by the scene this morning, the idiot fired right next to a gas pump – while the hose was was pumping gas. The shooter almost won a Darwin award. Got lucky this time.

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