CHS Community Post | Capitol Hill is now the capitol of cool cycling.

MC_SocialMedia_Flier_2Two years ago I moved to Seattle from the glorified ski town of Bend, Oregon, where a clean flannel is considered formal attire. As a dedicated cyclist in a new urban environment I found myself constantly wondering “What do I do when I get there?” At the time I was aware of only two options: proudly don a skintight “performance garment” and get used to being called Lance, or sweat through my cotton street clothes and hope they were dry before anyone saw me. I didn’t like either option, so I got to work.

Today, I have just launched a Kickstarter campaign at that revolves around a simple concept. Stylish Merino Wool clothes, made in America and NO middle men causing huge mark-ups.

My days are unpredictable and they often involve a bicycle, work, the climbing gym, and happy hour if I’m lucky. Model Citizen is about more than just getting there, it’s about arriving. What you do when you get there is up to you.

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