CHS Pics | Check out new in-progress Capitol Hill murals

(Image: Bauhaus)

(Image: Bauhaus)

“CAP HILL” may be dead but murals are alive and well on Capitol Hill. A tradition of artful walls has seemingly carried over into the new multi-story Capitol Hill future. This week, you’ll find two new works of note and super large scale on the Hill.

In the alley outside the new E Pine home of Bauhaus, cafe employee and artist John Tingley was hard at work completing a giant rendering of the coffee shop’s motorcyclist logo.

REO Flats (Image: CHS)

REO Flats (Image: CHS)

The inspiration

The inspiration

Meanwhile, on 14th Ave, the REO Flats project is getting an auto row-era appropriate paint job that will mix a colorful vision of the past into the Hill’s growing cityscape. CHS wrote about the REO Flats project’s inspiration from the area’s auto row past here. Residents are starting to claim the new apartments and we’re told Blue Sky Cleaners and Porchlight are making preparations to move back around the corner onto 14th after their temporary displacement during construction.

Later this year, the Hill is slated to make space for four more giant works of (authorized) art. We also have noted some of the recent un-authorized efforts.

4 thoughts on “CHS Pics | Check out new in-progress Capitol Hill murals

  1. Love the new Bauhaus logo. Not sad at all to see “Cap Hill” gone. Will hopefully lead to less bros.

    It’s “Capitol Hill”, sheeple! Perhaps “the hill” when referring specifically to the geography.

    • Oh, for heaven’s sake. Bashing the expression “Cap Hill” is so hipster passe…like affecting a fear of clowns. For the record,’re not automatically a backward baseball cap-wearing douche if you say or write “Cap Hill”. It’s just shorthand, people. Get over your precious selves, will ya? And yes, I’m a longtime Cap Hill resident and I love my hood. Oh, is the expression “hood” off limits, too?

  2. As an employee of the office with the only window facing that wall, I am very happy to see the tagged-over CAPHILL replaced with this nice new painting.

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