Do you know about the Central District Timebank?

644621_542658029110415_1564948036_nThough it’s been around for awhile now, there’s renewed energy — and more listings — on a system designed for Central District neighbors to teach and work with each to learn skills or get things done around the neighborhood.

Do you know about the Central District Timebank? From

The CDTimeBank has an online list of what members would like to do for other members and what services they would like to receive.  As a member, you can see what skills and services your neighbors have to offer and what they need; you can get ideas about what you can give and get.

Trading is as easy as 1, 2, 3:

  1. Become a member.
  2. See what others are offering; post what you’re offering.
  3. Arrange with another member to provide services or get services.

Timebanking has been ruled tax-exempt by the IRS because you get credit for time (with no monetary value established), there is no legal responsibility on anyone’s part to redeem time credit, and because the purpose of timebanking is charitable.

Teach salsa dancing, get your garden weeded, write a business plan, learn to make sushi, walk a dog!

The Central District timebank is powered by Seattle nonprofit Senior Service and matching funds from the Department of Neighborhoods. There is no timebank set up for Capitol Hill that we know of… yet.

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