One year ago this week on Capitol Hill

8446727922_595ccb9650Here are the top CHS posts from this week in 2013:

  1. In wake of receipt controversy, Bleu Bistro drops sick leave surcharge
  2. Fire scorches under-construction Pike/Pine diner Lost Lake
  3. ‘Experimental’-natured Cafe ABoDegas comes to 15th Ave E
  4. Blotter | Bus stop mugging, Cal Anderson ‘smiley’ assault and the full report on the QFC cherry tomato arrest
  5. Plan for ‘European style’ Capitol Hill Sunday Market takes shape
  6. Boston Marathon open thread
  7. Capitol Hill design reviews: Taco Time building, E Republican 4-story try to move forward
  8. ¿Como se dice ‘Autopro’? Mezcaleria Oaxaca Capitol Hill
  9. SPD shuts down E Madison due to report of suspicious item — UPDATE: All clear
  10. Notes from the Seattle microhousing forum: ‘fact finding’ + ‘podners’ + ‘out of scale’


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