Blotter | Police search for driver after pedestrian hit by car at 14/Union

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  • Car strikes pedestrian in hit and run: Police were searching for the driver of a small, gray, compact car that left the scene after striking a pedestrian Thursday night at 14th and Union. There were no immediate details of the injuries suffered by the 23-year-old pedestrian but the 10:12 PM incident was upgraded to require a larger response after the initial dispatch. The injuries were not believed to be life threatening. Police officers at the scene got scant details of the car witnesses said struck the pedestrian before driving away from the intersection.
  • Pizza assault: Police say an assault that drew a large crowd at 10th/Pike early last Saturday morning was over pizza:
    Screen Shot 2014-04-18 at 10.06.38 AMTwo males were injured in the melee but both declined treatment. Both victims said they had been drinking “heavily” that night, according to police.
  • Broadway trail mix heist: A delivery truck for trail mix provider Northwest Delights was reported stolen from the Broadway Market QFC Friday morning. According to police radio dispatches, the driver told police the key was left in the vehicle and the Isuzu delivery-style truck was nowhere to be found.
  • Downtown transit tunnel closed: Seattle Police and King County Sheriff cordoned off the downtown transit tunnel Friday morning around 9 AM after a report of a suspicious item left aboard a Sound Transit light rail train. The tunnel remained closed during the response as of 10 AM.
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8 thoughts on “Blotter | Police search for driver after pedestrian hit by car at 14/Union

  1. I happened to pass by the scene around 10:20 or 10:30. There were probably 3 police cars and 2 ambulances there. I saw them load someone on a stretcher into the back of one of the ambulances. They definitely were moving at a leisurely pace in doing so and it appeared to me that the person on the stretcher was completely covered in the sheet. I hadn’t read anything about the incident yet and just assumed from the scene that it was a fatality. I hope this account is right that there were just minor injuries and I was wrong.

  2. That intersection is more dangerous than a lot of people realize. Cars often come westbound on Union at a fairly high rate of speed, come over the top of the hill, and are into the intersection very quickly. Even the fact that it is a school zone doesn’t seem to slow people down during the day.

  3. Hey Drivers – Slow the f down! And put down the phone! You are in command of a 2 ton weapon. Time to take that responsibility seriously.

    • Amen, seems like common sense, but it’s depressing how many drivers don’t understand how easy it is for them to seriously kill or hurt others with their car.

  4. I used to live near there and was almost hit in the crosswalk twice by turning cars. Its so dangerous due to the speed, but also because it’s a star shaped intersection with six options and crosswalks to watch. It would be much safer with no left turns or an all ways walk signal where all the lights are red at the same time. If a driver is turning there are so many variables to watch.

  5. Not placing all the blame on drivers, but there seems to be less regard for pedestrians than I have ever seen in Seattle. Crosswalks are becoming more and more dangerous places to cross.
    I hope to see emphasis patrols soon that ticket at at least warn drivers that refuse to slow down or stop when someone is trying to cross. Not everyone is capable of running to cross the street to rush out of your way and driving 10-15mph over the speed limit does not help either.

  6. The Seattle Times has an article today about a study which showed that Seattle is one of the very safest cities for both pedestrians and cyclists. Out of 52 large cities, we have the second-lowest fatality rates for pedestrians and the eighth-lowest for cyclists, with an overall #2 ranking…

    ‘Nuff said.

    • Thank you for confirming what I was already thinking. I moved here from San Francisco 5 years ago, and I immediately noticed the calmer pace of traffic, and in fact overly passive drivers. To anyone who thinks that Seattle is dangerous for pedestrians, try walking around the financial district, or Geary street, in San Francisco. Then come back and give your impression.