Travel back in Capitol Hill time with new Google Maps feature

Screen Shot 2014-04-24 at 1.42.05 PM Screen Shot 2014-04-24 at 1.43.58 PMIt was a simpler time on Capitol Hill back in 2007. During those gleeful pre-recession years CHS was still in its infancy and you could get $1 pull tabs at Benson’s Grocery (although history does tend to repeat itself). Relive it all and watch the neighborhood transform before your eyes with Google Maps new feature that allows you to walk  through seven years of street view images.

There are some real gems, including watching the transformation of Broadway from a low-rise, small business street to a mixed-use haven with a big hole where the Capitol Hill light rail station will go. Other fun finds:

Post your favorites finds in comments.



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9 thoughts on “Travel back in Capitol Hill time with new Google Maps feature

  1. In looking at the two street views, shot looking south from the intersection of Broadway & Mercer, I am struck with how much better the streetscape looks now. Can anyone say this is not an improvement? (no doubt someone will).

    • I am not weighing in on your opinion, but as someone who studies how people (and their brains) come to understand (and believe) the world around them, I would just like to say:

      We should not underestimate the impact of (a) the grayness vs. sunniness across these two photos, (b) the lack of foliage vs. foliage across these photos, and (c) the change in the quality of the camera (and photos) across the years in shaping our perception of the change.

      • Good points, psych! I would add that the two pics are taken at different seasons….that’s why the trees (bare in the old photo) look so much more prominent in the “now” photo, which is taken when the trees have greened out.

        The trees are actually the same in both photos, because the City Arborist has a pretty firm policy of preserving trees during construction if at all possible.

    • I agree, it is a vast improvement. As someone who remembers the blank QFC wall and Taco Bell Drive Thru. Then the Safeway with a parking lot – today it’s a much more enjoyable stroll.

      Some building setbacks to allow more light would have been nice but can’t be too picky.

    • Oh, the memories indeed! So many great places on one block. I loved the pink and green paint jobs on Bimbo’s and The Bus Stop.

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