Blotter | Man charged in rape of Capitol Hill bartender

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  • Pioneer Square rape: A Capitol Hill bartender was raped after being dragged from her front door in an early morning attack in Pioneer Square earlier this month, police say.30-year-old Anthony Phillip Hawkins has been charged with second degree rape in the May 19th attack.Prosecutors say Hawkins is a sex offender and requested he be held on $500,000 bail:Screen Shot 2014-05-27 at 3.29.08 PM

    According to the police report on the Monday, May 19th attack, the 33-year-old victim told police she had finished her shift tending bar, had a few drinks and then took a cab home. As she was walking from her cab to her Pioneer Square apartment around 3:45 AM and unlocking her door, the victim told police she was grabbed from behind and forced to the sidewalk where her attacker got on top of her and continued the attack.

    Though the suspect told police he knew the victim and had previous consensual sex with her, the victim denied knowing Hawkins and her roommate told police his story about having been to the residence before were untrue.

    In the aftermath of the attack, a passerby found the distressed victim and called 911. Visibly upset, she was still able to identify Hawkins as her attacker after police found the man in the area.

    Held on the $500,000 bail, Hawkins remains jailed and awaits his plea hearing in June.

  • Car vs. bike on E Pine: A cyclist was hospitalized Tuesday morning after he collided with a car at the intersection of Pine and Summit. The driver of the car in the 10 AM incident told CHS she was driving east on Pine and taking a left on to Summit when she was momentarily distracted by the brightly colored hair of a pedestrian. As she turned she said she clipped the man’s bike as he was coming down Pine, tossing him over the hood of her car. Witnesses said the man was wearing a helmet. When medics arrived the man was conscious, but clearly banged up.
  • ford-225x300SPD seeks info on “shopping car” murder victim: Police are looking for information about Daryl Ford, the victim in the case involving the body found in a shopping car pushed by a homeless man earlier this month in South Seattle. Police says Ford is believed to have been homeless and “may have frequented or camped in the Seattle area.” If you have any information about Ford, please call the homicide tip line at (206) 233-5000.
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7 thoughts on “Blotter | Man charged in rape of Capitol Hill bartender

  1. Horrifying. I wonder if the cabdriver had stuck around to confirm she got in. That used to be more standard practice but probably now one would have to ask. Still the way so many buildings are, the entrance may be out of site from the street. But I’m grasping at straws to think about how it could have been prevented. Fact is, it happened and he was escalating and struck. A person can be doing all the right things to stay safe, and still it can happen. I wish her healing and strength and support.

    On the car/bike collision, at least she was honest about being distracted and stayed at the scene, even if the brightly colored hair reason is ridiculous.

    • Given the fact it’s NEVER wise to let a cabbie see exactly where youI live, it’s not likely she did that. A person should be able to walk 100 feet to their own damn door.

      This rapist just needs to be dipped in gasoline and lit.

  2. Why do we show any lenience to people who commit sexual predator crimes? I wish the absolute best for the woman who was victimized.

    • Why do we have 400,000 unprocessed rape evidence kits in America? Because until we the people say prosecuting these crimes is a priority, everything will remain the same. It’s lucky the guy was still nearby rather than her having to depend on processing of the rape kit to ID him from the DNA felon database.

  3. Hawkins need to be tried, convicted under the “three strikes and you’re out” law, and put away for life. Anything less would be a travesty of justice.

  4. I spoke to a resident of the building where the woman was attacked. She had been dropped off by Yellow Cab, and they _didn’t_ wait to see that she got into the building. That little difference makes it SO much more dangerous to live in Pioneer Square — hard to think about how much it might have helped.