Capitol Hill food+drink | Stout makes plans for big pour in Pike/Pine

An artist rendering shows the future Stout on the ground floor of Sunset Electric building at 11th and Pine (Image: Stout)

An artist rendering shows the future Stout on the ground floor of Sunset Electric building at 11th and Pine (Image: Stout)

At 5,700 square feet, Paul Reder’s next project is massive by Capitol Hill standards but puny compared the amazing feat of food and drink entrepreneurism he pulled off when he took over a failed Planet Hollywood and transformed into his successful downtown Seattle beer and eats concept Tap House Grill. Still, Reder doesn’t want to arrive on the Hill by knocking aside what is already here.

“We’re conscious of that,” Reder told CHS last week. “You don’t want to look like some corporate 800 pound gorilla.”

Reder’s Stout will be a beer-focused restaurant in the giant 11th Ave commercial space inside the new (and old) Sunset Electric building kitty-corner to Cal Anderson and on the edge of the bustling core of the Pike/Pine nightlife, food, drink, and entertainment district. Stout will feature the best in Pacific Northwest beer as well as regional specials from around the country. Food will be accessible and the venue, Reder hopes, will cater to regulars and locals much more than his Tap House venue.

“We’ve got a mecca — we have all the best beer in the country right here,” he said.

Reder isn’t planning a massive selection of beer or a similar gimmick to drive interest in Stout. Instead, he said his focus will be on curating a set of delicious pours, experimenting with new flavors, and “staying fluid.”

“I’ve never done anything but the restaurant business,” Reder said. “Beer has been in my family for even longer than that.”

Expect to find 20 beers on tap but Reder said Stout is “going to mess around a lot more on bottles” depending on what inventories are available of some of the smaller brews.

Stout is an ambitious project with a base construction budget just below $800,000. Chin-Ley/Reche Associates is providing the design. Reder also collaborated with the architects on Tap House.

Reder said specifics of the look and feel are still being worked out but the site plans available from city records show a large roll-up door and a restaurant space that stretches from the building’s corner at Pine to its end mid-block on 11th.

“One of the reasons I love the building, I think they did a great job with authenticity,” Reder said. “I think we’re going to take that and bring it inside as well.”

Construction should begin in July with an opening sometime in late fall before the holidays. You can learn more on the Stout Facebook page.

Capitol Hill food+drink notes

  • In February, we gave you a first look inside E Pine’s ambitious, Graham Baba-designed Mezcaleria Oaxaca. Here’s another first look — the space’s amazing rooftop deck should be ready for action in June this week:
    Mezcaleria Oaxaca’s rooftop is around 1,500-square-feet, with a seating capacity of about 95 people. The menu will be separate from the main dining area and will lean to Oaxacan street food. The bar will offer Mezcaleria’s full mezcal selection, plus draft Mexican beers. We anticipate opening the rooftop sometime in mid-June. 
    IMG_1452 IMG_1456
  • Likely to hit the ground running this week: the overhauled Canterbury Ale House.
  • Off-Hill: Re-bar has new ownership.
  • Massive news for the Madison Valley dining scene: “Construct alterations to existing take-out restaurant (Pizza Hut) in existing commercial building, per floor plan, subject to field inspection.
  • We never heard back from 611 Supreme owner and chef Margaret Edwins about the restaurant and lounge’s abrupt closure.
  • Across the street, a new Oasis Tea Zone is slated to join E Pine — as soon as the busy owner finds time to make it happen.
  • The Slim Russ — “It’s 100 percent ground beef sausage. We grind it, season it, press it through the sausage press, and then bake it.”
  • Google Zagat is crazy about kuku about Melrose Ave’s Mamnoon.
  • Rumba has a swell happy hour, Seattle Mag says. Also notes its happy hour is truly one hour.
  • Canon sez: “From June 2-8 a portion of each Negroni we sell will go to @BeagleFreedom. #NegroniWeek
  • Manager Kyle Barkus is leaving 12th Ave’s Chieftain.
  • FYI: Noted in this CHS post about new businesses around the Hill is this not-new commercial kitchen near 17th and Madison.
  • Speaking of places to bake cookies, here’s a kickstarter for a Seattle mobile vegan ice cream sandwich business.
  • This video from the Seattle Times shows what you’ll be drinking out of at Good Citizen… and maybe why it’s taking Andrew Friedman so long to open on E Olive Way.

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27 thoughts on “Capitol Hill food+drink | Stout makes plans for big pour in Pike/Pine

    • Agreed on all counts. It’s a beautiful building but those signs look terrible. The faux-aged texture does not enlarge well… e.g. the new SAM’S lettering just down the block from there at Sam’s Tavern.

    • Agreed. Those Stout signs are out-of-scale to the pedestrian nature of the neighborhood. And the one on the corner should be ko’d completely. But then again everyone seems to need to shout louder than the next person. It’s sad. Remember, the only thing that separates man from dog is that dog’s pee to mark their turf and man puts up sign(s).

  1. Ah, dang! As much as I love beer, I was SO hoping that the rumors of Metropolitan Market coming into the space where Stout will be. We need more choices in grocery shopping on the hill!

  2. “Reder isn’t planning a massive selection of beer or a similar gimmick to drive interest in Stout.” Oh, you mean like the Tap House Grill? Ugh. Terrible service, servers who know nothing about the beer they’re serving, and hundreds of non-descript beers that have been sitting around for God knows how long. Serious beer lovers avoid that tourist trap like a warm can of Bud Light. Wasn’t the canker sore that is the World of Beers enough punishment for our Hill? I’m a wee bit skeptical of this latest venture, but who knows? Maybe they’ll hire people who like, drink beer.

      • It would be really nice if the Union&23rd area evolved into a more low-key and grownup entertainment district. Let Pike/Pine keep the Bro-ville it’s become.

      • Well, I wouldn’t exactly call that a “short walk” from Pine and 11th, but I can dig it. The new Chuck’s in the CD is awesome. The Pine Box is still the place to beat for us beer snobs stumbling around lower on the Hill.

  3. Does it really matter at this point? This whole “bustling entertainment district” has pretty much ruined that whole end of CapHill now, with one giant shitstorm every weekend night. How much more harm could a Beers-R-Us do now?

    • Yes it is, but mainly in the Pike-:Pine sub-neighborhood, and the E Olive Way corridor. The rest of Capitol Hill is reasonably clean, thank god.

    • How do you define “dirty”?

      If you mean roaming hordes of entitled 20-somethings, puking on the side streets so they can party more and tossing their empties into the bushes, I agree with you.

      I like the grit of Pike-Pine (minus the roaming hordes), but I do wish business and property owners would pick up in front of and around their spaces more often (I’m looking at you, Hot Mama’s!).

  4. It’s really unfortunate that the entire 5,700(!) square foot retail area is one space. If it was split into several more reasonable sized (and relatively more affordable) spaces, we’d be more likely to get some interesting projects instead basically another World of Beer.

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