25th and Union parklet nears $10,000 fundraising goal

A sketch of the 25th and Union parklet's possible design

A sketch of the 25th and Union parklet’s possible design

The effort to raise $10,000 from the community to help create a parklet at 25th and Union is in its final stretch — and within reach of its goal.

In May, CHS wrote about the efforts to create two separate parklets within a few block on E Union. With the Chuck’s project pulled off the drawing board, the community seems to have rallied support for a street park proposal at 25th and Union adjacent the Cortona Cafe. As of Thursday, the giving total was less than $1,000 from its 10 grand goal.

You can give here if you’d like to help put it over the top before the June 30th deadline — Crowdrise: 25TH & UNION PARKLET

Backers of the project added this CHS Community Post to explain how parklets work and provide a few details on the 25th and Union proposal.

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4 thoughts on “25th and Union parklet nears $10,000 fundraising goal

  1. Does it seriously cost 10 grand to make one of these little parks? Just curious where the majority of the cost goes? I’m not against it by any means, just seems steep.

    • Real estate ain’t cheap, and they have to hire an architect and landscaper as well. 10K seems like a bargain to me.

      • The real estate is cheap….in fact it’s free! Those who think parklets are a good idea get rights to the public space adjacent to the curb.

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