Blotter | Broadway/Pine robbery victim says he was beaten because he is gay

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  • Hate beating reported: Police are investigating a possible hate crime after a male Somali victim told police he was beaten and robbed early Wednesday morning at Broadway and Pine because he was gay and “an abomination to Allah.”According to the report on the June 11th incident, police arrived to find the victim being treated for minor injuries and a large bump on his head after the beating at Broadway and Pine just before 1 AM. Witnesses told police they saw two male suspects beating the victim. One woman said she heard one of the suspects yell “East Side Nigger,” before he walked away.

    Officers attempted to interview the victim who appeared to be highly intoxicated but he insisted on leaving the area because “he was afraid to be seen speaking with the Police.” The victim also said the suspects were “Somalian, like him,” according to the SPD report. “He kept telling me how Somalian men don’t like gay people,” the officer noted.

    Away from the scene, the victim told police he was at the Shell station at the corner of Pike and Broadway when he was approached by the two suspects who asked him for a cigarette. When the victim told said he didn’t have any, the suspect allegedly asked the victim if he was gay. The victim told police he answered yes. One suspect then called the victim “an abomination to Allah,” the victim told police. The victim said the suspects then started chasing him before catching up with him at Broadway and Pine where they beat him and grabbed his wallet.

    Police searched the area for the suspects described as a black male with a stocky build, around 5’7″ and 170 pounds, with black, shoulder-length hair in cornrows, and wearing a red sweatshirt and a second black male described only as around 5’9″. The suspects were not immediately found.

    The victim was transported to the hospital for treatment of his injuries.

  • 29th/King double homicide update: Police are at square one in the investigation as the man originally named as a suspect in the June 1st slaying has been cleared in the crime.
  • Money order robbery on First Hill: An armed robbery at Boren and Madison involving a money order was reported by the victim of the hold-up around 12:39 AM Thursday. Police were looking for a white sedan carrying suspects described only as two dark-skinned males and one female. The vehicle was last seen headed westbound from the scene. Police had a partial license plate to work with. There was no information about the type of weapon used in the robbery and there were no immediate arrests.
  • DUI uptick: A swarm of DUI charges were filed in Seattle Municipal court stemming from arrests this week around Capitol Hill. It’s not clear if there were simply more allegedly intoxicated and/or high drivers on the road or if East Precinct stepped up efforts to pull them over but we count at least five new cases including drivers arrested in the 1800 block of Harvard, the 700 block of E Denny Way and at 12th and Boren. Don’t drive impaired.
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14 thoughts on “Blotter | Broadway/Pine robbery victim says he was beaten because he is gay

  1. That whole stretch of Broadway between Pike and Pine is super sketch… I try to avoid it when I can, especially the corner near SCC. T’would be nice to have a better police presence, especially since they’re right up the street…

      • Ditto. Take a stroll through San Francisco’s Tenderloin, or Vancouver’s Hastings Street, and you’ll appreciate just how pristine Pike ‘n’ Pine really are. That is, if visiting another city isn’t too terrifying for your sensibilities.

      • A street doesn’t have to be one of the worst in the region to merit cleaning up. The ideal amount of crime is zero.

    • I’m with you. It hasn’t gotten scary because of junkies… it’s gotten scary because on weekend it’s chockablock with drunk douchebags looking for fights. The block flows with way, way too much misplaced testosterone.

  2. I suggest you check out Third Ave. downtown between Pike and Pine which is the very definition of a sketchy block. Broadway looks like Sesame Street in comparison.

  3. Summertime. When hate crimes on gentrified Capitol Hill in this “Neo-Seattle” skyrocket. So this is what it’s like to live in a city thats sold out. :(

    • What does gentrification (a good thing) have to do with hate crimes (a bad thing)? If anything, gentrification makes a neighborhood safer.

      • ^ Exactly.
        And in my personal experience many people who throw ‘gentrification’ around willy-nilly on the internet cannot actually tell you the definition of the word without context. (Not ALL of them, of course. But some.)
        That conversation is usually along the lines of “They tore down that rotting, mold and bug infested husk of a building that threatened to come down on our heads every time it rained and built a modern one, charging current market rates in order to cover property taxes, insurance and building costs and now I can’t afford to live there and drink 6 nights a week while maintaining my vintage tee-shirt and vinyl collection! GENTRIFICATION! …Why, no I’ve never been to a design meeting or gotten involved in any city processes outside of whining on the internet. Why do you ask?”

        Not to say that gentrification doesn’t exist, just that some people like to play hard and fast with their definitions of things to suit their need to whine while simultaneously doing absolutely nothing to change anything.

      • I’ll take you up on that. Let’s meet at a bar and you can talk to me about gentrification. I’ll wear a vintage t-shirt and everything. Serious proposal.

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